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The Jamen Beasts are the supporting antagonist of Mashin Sentai Kiramaiger. They are giant monsters of Dark Empire Yodonheim created from monsters called Dark Beasts with a given Jamen. They emerge from an Invasion Gate that is opened after gathering enough negative energy.


The first Jamen Beast was a Faucet Hildon and it debut way before the Red Ranger made his first appearance on TV.

As for the Rugger Ligany, it made its first appearance when the Rugby Jamen has collected about 20% of darkness from the earth.

The next Jamen Beast which is the Cold Hot Dagames its rather unique because it require two Jamenshi which are the Freezer Jamen and the Oven Jamen.

Later on in the series a Diesel Basra made its debut when it battles alongside the Steam Locomotive Jamen (who's piloting Smog Jouki).



Hildons are a leech-themed Jamen Beast that can fly in the air, so here's a list of monsters that are part leech:


Liganies are a crayfish-themed Jamen Beast that has a barbed skin and a shell, so here's a list of monsters that are part crayfish:


Shergas are a snail-themed Jamen Beast that has a heavy and stable body and boasts a strong defense, so here's a list of monsters that are part snail:


Basras are a Black Bass-themed Jamen Beast that has a tough smart body and features quick movement, so here is a list of monsters that are part Black Bass:


Dagames are a type of water bug-like dark beast with two heads, so here's a list of monsters that are part water bugs:


Gomoryu is a quadrupedal bat-like dark beast, so here's a list of monsters that are part bats:



  • The Jamen Beasts are similar to the Giganoids from Abaranger as both Monster Groups have a Kaiju based look.
  • Their being summoned through a human-sized counterpart is similar to the MegaZords from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. Also, similar to the MegaZords, there are recurring types of base monster that are given different extras related to the human-sized counterpart.


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