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The Jamenshis are the commanders of the Yodonheim invasion force and major antagonists in Mashin Sentai Kiramager.

They are created by Carantula giving a regular Bechat a Jamen. They serve as the commanders of the Yodonheim invasion and are sent down to Earth to gather enough darkness for the Yodonheim to open an invasion portal. Each of them is themed after iconography that can be found on Earth, ranging from sports such as rugby to objects such as vises.


After the destruction of Faucet Hildon before it could open an invasion portal, Carantula created Rugby Jamen and sent him down to gather darkness to open another invasion portal to send a Jamen Beast through. Though Rugby Jamen was destroyed, the Darkness Insurance Plan he had made with Emperor Yodon allowed 20% of his darkness to be reimbursed to open an invasion portal to send Rugger Ligany through.

After Rugger Ligany's destruction, Carantula created Vise Jamen and sent him down to torment humans in another scheme to gather darkness to open an invasion portal. After Vise Jamen gathered enough darkness, the Yodonheim were able to open an invasion portal and send the Jamen Beast Vise Shellga through it. However, both were destroyed by the Kiramagers.

Carantula later sent down another Jamenshi, Neanderthal Jamen, sometime after but this Jamenshi was quickly destroyed by the Kiramagers.


Black Bodies

Here's a list of Jamenshi that have black bodies:

Red Bodies

Here's a list of Jamenahi that have red bodies:

Gold Bodies

Here's a list of Jamenshi that have gold bodies:

Silver Bodies

Here's a list of Jamenshi that have silver bodies:



  • The Jamenshis are the first Sentai monsters of the Reiwa era.
  • The overall nature of the Jamenshis pays homage to the Masked Monsters from Himetsu Sentai Goranger, the first Super Sentai installment.
  • The term "Jamenshi" comes from the Japanese words "wicked" (「邪悪な」 jāku na), "mask" (「仮面」 kamen) and "teacher" (「教師 」 kyōshi).


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