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Naughty children are bad eggs. They need to be taught a lesson!
~ Jimmy as Hugo.
It's me doing it actually, comedy. I do this comedy character called Hugo Punch, he's sort of this comedic sociopath, says things that you're not supposed to say and that sort of thing.
~ Jimmy describing Hugo.

James Alexander "Jimmy" Hall, also known by his alter-ego Hugo Punch, is the main antagonist of the game At Dead Of Night. He is the psychotic owner of the Sea View Hotel who kidnaps and murders his guests.


James "Jimmy" Alexander Hall was born on June 6, 1976 at the Scarborough General Hospital in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

As revealed bit by bit by all of the notable ghosts that reside in the Sea View Hotel, Jimmy is shown to have been direct cause of many deaths at the hotel (Notably Harvey's), as well as indirectly causing some other deaths (notably Amy's and Dr. Bose's) in different yet horridly cruel ways.

Amy, a young child of one of the hotel guests, reveals Jimmy tormented her. She refers to him as both Jimmy and "the boy" and confesses that he had already shown signs of trouble at this age, knowing about the gruesome pictures he drew. Jimmy would often steal her things and at one point locked her in the basement and took her money. Things came to a head when he stole one of her stuffed animals, doused it in turpentine, and handed it back to her only to light the toy on fire, burning her hand badly. In an effort to keep her from telling on him, Jimmy threatened Amy with a decorative sword hanging in the hotel, which scared her enough to keep silent. In return for her silence, Jimmy promised to make the pain from the burn go away, making her drink whiskey (a common pain reliever in older times). Feeling better but now completely drunk, Amy stated she felt very strange, even light. In her drunken stupor, she thought it would be fun to jump from the top of the stairs, a five story jump to the bottom, which would ultimately be the cause of her death.

Dr. Bose, Jimmy's clinical psychiatrist from the NHS, tried helping Jimmy with his mental illness after Jimmy's mother, Rose, called him at Harvey's insistence. However, it proved to be fruitless and further revealed how twisted Jimmy truly is. Dr. Bose was disgusted by Jimmy's penchant for torturing animals with a coil of wire he always kept in his pocket, at one point discovering a dead rabbit hung by its neck in a store room. In an effort to make Jimmy go through the motions of empathy, Dr. Bose asked Jimmy to do something nice for him, delighted when Jimmy scampered off to the kitchen to make him a sandwich. This unfortunately only ended in pain, as, unbeknownst to Dr. Bose, Jimmy had placed broken glass inside his food. Dr. Bose recognized Jimmy's case to be much more severe than initially thought and attempted to administer Diazapam to him, but was unsuccessful. Jimmy then lied to his mother and told her that Dr. Bose had assaulted him with a paddle. Dr. Bose was able to convince Rose of the lie, but Jimmy came up with a worse one and accused the doctor of molesting him. Rose called the police, and Dr. Bose was taken away; later, Dr. Bose snuck back in to the hotel with his old pair of keys and hung himself using a rolling pin, rope, and the elevator, lamenting that Jimmy had ruined his life.

Harvey, the proprietor of the hotel while Jimmy was younger, knew that Jimmy had severe problems. While Rose always took Jimmy's side when it came to the incidents with Dr. Bose, Harvey knew something was fishy about the story like he'd heard it before. He tried speaking to Rose about it, but she remained unconvinced that Jimmy would do such a thing. Harvey eventually found Jimmy's scrapbook where he collected scandalous stories about teachers and doctors and confronted Jimmy about it, but it only fueled his "creativity". Jimmy started playing increasingly more malicious pranks on Harvey, going as far as wiring Harvey's heater to the main and setting a booby trap involving a crossbow shot to the thigh. Angered, Harvey locked Jimmy in the basement; and Jimmy retaliated by lighting the basement on fire, important papers and photos now up in flames. Harvey, now beyond furious, grabbed his old father's gun and confronted Jimmy, demanding he leave the hotel. Unfortunately for him, Jimmy was also armed with an ornate dagger. As Harvey chased Jimmy through the hotel and cornered him in the backstage area in the ballroom, Jimmy snuck up behind him and stabbed him in the neck, killing Harvey. Rose told the police Jimmy acted in self-defense, and they accepted this explanation.

Rosemary (shortened to Rose), Jimmy's mother, was the owner of the hotel. She was the only person who'd take Jimmy's side, much to the chagrin of the other people in the hotel. She thought Amy was always taking risks and blamed her burned hand on her own behavior instead of Jimmy's, firmly believed Jimmy when it came to Dr. Bose, and didn't understand why Harvey was going after Jimmy. After Harvey's death, she noticed a dramatic change in Jimmy's behavior, stating that he started helping her around the hotel. She was elated that he even thought of a way to come up with a way to draw in guests, with his comedy acting as his alter ego, Hugo Punch. Soon, business was booming, and the hotel was making money again. Around this time, Rose noticed Jimmy's behavior started taking a turn for the bizarre, as he'd leave mannequins with his face around the hallways. Soon, his comedy act started getting out of control, as Hugo started taking over and insulting the audience members. One night, a woman told Jimmy what she thought of him, which lead Hugo to tie her up with the coil of wire and leave her in one of the rooms. Luckily, Rose found the woman and freed her. Although she didn't press charges, she did go to the press, which caused reporters to hound the hotel. At this point, Rose recognized Hugo and Jimmy as truly separate entities, with Hugo committing the horrible actions and Jimmy feeling remorseful for what had been done, even going as far as trying to kill himself over the events. After Jimmy's suicide attempt, Rose decides to tell Jimmy the truth: that she was originally married to a stage magician/teacher named Hugo Hall, Jimmy's father. Rose slowly revealed how Hugo used to beat Jimmy as a baby, tormenting him for two years before Rose ran in with a bat, killed Hugo and buried him under a layer of concrete in the basement. She blamed herself for how Jimmy turned out and hoped that coming forward with the truth would make everything better; unfortunately, it made everything worse; Jimmy While Jimmy was in the basement looking for his father's body, Rose commits suicide by setting herself on fire, lamenting that Hugo remains in control of Jimmy and that, if she didn't kill herself, Hugo would have anyway.

After learning of Hugo, Maya talks to Jimmy as he's calling out to him from a distance behind her. The crazed Jimmy tells her she can come meet Hugo, which leads her to a secret room in the basement. In the corner is a mound, which is where Rose buried Hugo's body, even mixing the cement herself. Jimmy begins talking about how Hugo "one log on the fire", one of many Halls that has preyed upon the poor and the weak for centuries. Jimmy then tells her that he thinks they were meant for each other, that he can sense that "fire" within her as well. Maya declines by locking him in the room and begins to search for her friends. After rescuing her friends and leaving, Jimmy can be seen begging Hugo to stop his malicious actions, which Hugo responds to by declaring he's in charge. It remains unknown if Maya called the police or if the Sea View Hotel's secrets remain within those dark halls.


Jimmy has unkempt, balding brown hair, pale skin, and brown eyes. He wears a patterned red vest, a white dress shirt, a black bowler hat, black dress pants, and a black bow tie.

After the initial cutscene (when he begins chasing Maya), Jimmy is no longer wearing his hat nor his vest, revealing that he wears red suspenders normally hidden under his vest.


At first glance, Jimmy seems to simply be a chirpy, talkative man who loves doing a comedy routine as his alter ego Hugo Punch and is insistent people come to watch his act.

However, it's shown that his alter ego, Hugo Punch (later revealed to be unknowingly based on his father also named Hugo), takes over Jimmy. As Hugo, Jimmy is a very mentally-unstable psychopath who lacks morals. He is shown to get very violent, as he is seen chasing Maya with a bat the entire game and is seen holding a chloroform rag to someone's nose in the beginning cutscene of the game. According to Rose, Jimmy has a bad temper, specifically if someone insults his comedy act. Assuming Rose is telling the truth, Jimmy has no control over what Hugo does.

Despite his "Hugo side", Jimmy appears very remorseful for what he does, as he becomes depressed and even attempted to commit suicide after he had gotten angry at a guest complaining to him of his offensive comedy routine and tied them up, putting them in a room. In the prologue cutscene, he attempts to resist Hugo's control.

The developer has stressed that Jimmy does not have Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder. The note about Jimmy and DID can be read on the game's main menu.



  • Hugo Punch, rather than Jimmy himself, is the main antagonist of the game.
  • According to the credits, Harvey's last name is Hall, although the relation to Jimmy or Hugo remains unknown.
  • When Jimmy was complaining to himself about not having anyone be interested in his show, he referenced four popular media platforms but mispronounced their names. The first was "You Tune" (YouTube and iTunes) and the second was "My Face" (MySpace and Facebook).
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