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James is a supporting antagonist in the 1991 film Straight Out of Brooklyn. He was a hitman working for the infamous drug dealer, Saladene, and head of the crime family, Luther.

He was portrayed by James L. McFadden.


James is a ruthless hitman who will kill whoever he is tasked to, and any task in general, without hesitation and questions, and is an expert at it, having killed Eric which impresses Saladene. James also shows a major fear of Luther, who is willing to leave Saladene to fend for himself from Luther's homicidal rage on 2 occassions, at the abr when he lost the money to Dennis and his friends, and when he was finding Dennis, showing how disrespectful to Saladene James really is, even ordering him to get his hand off his coat.


James is first seen right outside a housing project in Red Hook, Brooklyn. This impresses Saladene that he recommends him to Luther as a hitman, to which he was ordered to give the money Saladene has to give to Luther. However, Luther intimidates Saladene to give the money himself and then calls James twice, who was trying to leave. Luther then gives him a simple interview, to which James tells he is willing to kill whoever Luther wants him to kill and anything else Luther will order him to do.

He is later seen in a night club, telling Luther that he is the one who messed up the pickup and that he is on his own when he deals with a furious Luther, to which Saladene orders him to leave. The following day, he is seen walking arounf Red Hook shouting Dennis name, with Saladene following him using his car, announcing that he can't hide forever and it will be the end of him when he does find him. He eventually gets tired of walking through the projects, arguing with Saladene and telling when Luther comes, he is going to kill him, to which Saladene goes and smacks him after grabbing his coat for the disrespect give him, to which James disrespectfully demands Saladene to let go of his coat. James then says that when he finds Dennis, he is going to finish the job, but as James was speaking, Saladene sees Dennis' father, Ray, and orders him to get to the car, to whcih the duo go and go to Ray's location to go and chase him armed, leading him to Luther, who shoots him dead.