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James is the main antagonist in the 1991 film Straight Out of Brooklyn.

He was portrayed by James McFadden.


We first see James when he shoots someone just outside of a housing project in Red Hook, Brooklyn. This impresses Saladene so much that he recommends him to Luther, the main head of the crime family. James, however, gives a lot of problems for both of them. He is very disrespectful to others without one bit of remorse. He disrespects Saladene on two occasions. The first is at a nightclub, where Saladene is already in trouble for being robbed by Dennis and his gang.

He basically tells him, disrespectfully, that he is on his own if Luther gives it to him. He does it again, later on, when they look out for Dennis. James tells Saladene that he'd better find Dennis or Luther will "crack yo ass," which enrages Saladene and makes him smack him. Given the abnormal nature of his killing, which was off-screen, he probably inspired the character of Jake, who is a more graphic version of James, in Fresh.


  • His name is a possible reference to his actor.