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No way, David. I'm not gonna let her go.
~ James to David.

James is a secondary antagonist in the 2013 action adventure game, The Last of Us, who only appears as an antagonist in the winter chapter. He is a survivor of the Cordyceps Brain Infection, and implied second-in-command of a cannibalistic group led by David.

He was voiced by Reuben Langdon, who is well known for voicing Dante in the Devil May Cry series.



Not much is known about James' past, but he possibly survived the Cordyceps outbreak or was born after the event. He later joined David's cannibalistic group, who would kill survivors and eat them due a shortage of food in the post apocalyptic world. It's implied that James is David's right-hand, and is second-in-command of the cannibalistic group.

The Last of Us

In 2033, James and David met a survivor named Ellie, who was trying to find medicine for her guardian, Joel. David decided to trade her some supplies for the deer meat she obtained, and ordered James to go retrieve the medicine she needed. Despite his concerns, James did as he was told and when returning with the medicine, found Ellie holding David at gunpoint. Having heard their conversation of Ellie and a "crazy man" killing members of their group at the University of Eastern Colorado, James wanted to kill Ellie for killing their friends. David then insisted that James should lower his gun and allow Ellie to leave, but James told the group about Ellie's involvement in their friends' deaths.

David then sent his men to track and catch Ellie, but they decided to kill her because James informed them of Ellie's actions. However, David personally captures Ellie and brings her back to their camp so they could eat her. While chopping limbs off of a human body, James saw that Ellie had woken up and immediately left to tell David. The following morning, James grabbed Ellie from her cell and helped David prepare to chop off her limbs so they could eat her. Ellie then told them that she was infected, and says that David was infected too since she bit him yesterday.

When Ellie showed them her bite wound, James became frightened, but David insisted that it wasn't real. Due to being panicked and distracted, Ellie grabbed a butcher knife and killed James with one thrust to the neck. Later on, David confronted Ellie, and chastised her for killing James since he was just doing what he was told. Ellie managed to kill David, and left with Joel, leaving the cannibalistic group without a leader.


  • James' voice actor, Reuben Langdon voiced Mike, another character in The Last of us Part II.


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