You brought a snack.
~ James's most famous line (while threatening Bella Swan)

James is the main antagonist from the novel and film Twilight. He is a nomadic American vampire and travels with Laurent, his ally and Victoria, his mate. He is also a nemesis of Edward Cullen.

He was portrayed by Cam Gigandet, who also portrayed McCann.


James is a tracker, a vampire who has specialized skills in hunting humans. The hunt is the most important thing for James, everything else is secondary. The three of them come across the Olympic coven of vampires, made up of the Cullens and the Hales, while they are playing a game of baseball. This particular coven had adopted the practice of hunting animals instead of humans. While there, James noticed Bella Swan, a human who had fallen in love with Edward Cullen. James noticed how protective Edward was of Bella, James decided that she was a particularly difficult hunt, and began his pursuit with Victoria's help. The Cullens and Hales tried to throw him off by spreading Bella's scent in one direction while sending her the other way to Phoenix, where she used to live. James saw through the ruse and headed for Phoenix, where he broke into Bella's old house and stole an old home video, which featured her mother yelling "Bella?, Bella?" James called her at her hotel, and played that part of the video. He used that draw to her old ballet school, where he revealed his ruse. James began to injure her, while talking to her and filming at the same time. His intention was to leave the tape for Edward to watch, and then let him chase him down. James would then fight and kill Edward. Fortunately, James only got around to breaking Bella's leg before the Entire coven showed up, who tore him to pieces and then burned what was left over.


James was an extremely manipulative, cold, evil, brutal, ruthless, cunning, sadistic and psychopathic individual and tracker who hunted humans for sustenance but chiefly for the joy of hunting. He also hunted vampires and animals for the same reason; also, he would kill a coven member if it means to provoke the remnants to chase him, which was more fun and dangerous by his point of view. He was always open to dangerous challenges as he could have his fun.


  • Posthumously, he was the Bigger Bad to Victoria in New Moon and Eclipse.
  • He is the only main antagonist to psychically appear in one film. However, his death is what motivates Victoria's actions in the later films.
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