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James Anderson is a posthumous antagonist in the SCP mythos, serving as the main antagonist of Bright's SCP-001 proposal. He is the founder of the Anderson Factory, although due to the speculative nature of SCP-001 it is unknown if he ever existed at all.


Anderson was a well-to-do 19th century industrialist and alleged Satanist. In 1835 he founded the Anderson Factory, a factory designed to be able to produce anything the consumer wanted. People flocked there to live and work. However Anderson was in fact a follower of certain pagan gods who viewed his workers as less than human and only on the Earth to serve his will.

When workers arrived at the Factory they found that they were expected to work for 16 hours a day in inhumane working conditions. Workers, even children, were chained up together and forced to work on manufacturing and animal slaughtering under great machines which scoured the flesh from their bones. The dead were left chained up to the living. Those too injured to work were dragged away by security and experimented on by Anderson, who sewed them together, combining some with animals, in order to use as a reserve security force. On Sundays, the only day on which the workers were allowed to stop, Anderson would slaughter them in a ritual to his gods, making arcane symbols he carved on the floor visible.

In 1875 one of the workers escaped from the Factory and told President Grant what was going on. Grant deployed a force of 150 soldiers, lead by the future O5-1, to shut down the Factory. Upon discovering the conditions of Anderson's workforce the group wiped out his entire security force before encountering the workers he experimented on. After they were also defeated they came across Anderson's "breeding pits", where girls as young as eight were chained up and repeatedly raped, presumably in order to create more workers.

The group eventually found Anderson hiding in his office. As he mocked them that they would never stop the Factory, they eviscerated him and hanged him from his office window with his own intestines. Anderson somehow survived for 24 hours and continued to laugh until they eventually cut him down, drew out his bowels, dismembered him and burned his remains.


After Anderson's death the team gathered up his artefacts and attempted to decide what to do with them. The Chaplain became convinced that the objects were part of God; he and several followers left and formed the Church of the Broken God. Marshall and several others decided to sell everything off, stealing several of the artefacts and forming Marshall, Carter & Dark, LTD. The majority of the others attempted to destroy the items by burning them; when that didn't work they just left and went on to found the Allied Occult Initiative. The twelve left behind formed what would later become the SCP Foundation.

In 1911 the Foundation, based in the Factory at the time, went to war with a race known as the Faeries. At the end of the war the Faeries attacked the Factory and completely annihilated the entire Foundation except for O5-1. He ran and hid inside the Factory, where Anderson appeared before him in an utterly inhuman form (it's implied the Factory was merely taking his form). Anderson offered O5-1 a deal; he would give him the ability to reverse the event and win the war in return for the Foundation feeding people to the Factory. O5-1 agreed, and Anderson reversed the event. In this reversed timeline the Foundation were able to wipe out the entire race.

O5-1, who had no intention of honouring the deal, buried the Factory. However, it somehow continued to create artefacts, so O5-1 was forced to feed the bodies of D-class to it, meaning that Anderson's legacy lives on.


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