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I'm a f--cking waste of space, I'm just a stupid kid, I got no sense. Criminal, I'm no f--cking use mate. I am nothing. So please, please get it into your you know? Bonts that you killed my friend and I'm Cook. I AM COOK!
~ Cook before getting his revenge on Foster by killing him.
Nothing good ever stays with me. Absolutely nothing.
~ Cook lamenting about his tragic life.

James Cook Jr., more commonly known as "Cook", is the deuteragonist of the E4 Drama Skins, appearing as the deuteragonist in both season 3 and season 4 and the main protagonist in the series finale Skins: Rise.

He was portrayed by Jack O'Connell.


Cook is a confident and charismatic teenager who enjoys hanging out with his best friends JJ and Freddie. However, Cook is also very arrogant, violent, cruel, womanizing, sadistic and manipulative man. He is also very envious over Freddie after he and Effy become a couple. In spite of this however he is a truly caring and compassionate man who looks out for his friends and offers comfort and support to those who need it; for example this can be seen in the time were he allowed Emily Fitch to confide in him regarding her envy and suspicions towards her girlfriend Naomi as well as the time were he helped Freddie find Effy in the midst of a busy carnival and when he saved Effy from certain death. Following his killing of John Foster Cook matured heavily and became a more pacifistic, paranoid and solitary figure vowing never to kill anyone ever again.

Villainous acts

  • Murder: In a fit of fury and vengeance Cook murdered Dr. John T. Foster 
  • Manipulation: Manipulates Pandora into cheating on her boyfriend Thomas by using her naivety to his advantage.
  • Brutal Violence:: He would often times taunt Thomas about having sex with his girlfriend causing the two to get into heated fights. Cook later attacked an innocent bystander after seeing Freddie and Effy making love, to the point of him being hospitalised (this event caused Cook to be sent to prison).
  • Attempted Murder: Cook attempted to murder both Johnny White the leader of a gang and his own father (although he may not have intended to kill his father and simply just threw him overboard on the boat) He also was originally going to kill Louie but didn't in the end due to being tired of death.
  • Drug Dealing: Selling drugs in a club where Thomas happened to be working, he ended up selling cocaine to Naomi Campbell one of the few people he has a positive relationship with who in return sold it to a girl named Sophia in order to buy a gift for her girlfriend Emily, this led to the girl killing herself.
  • Theft and Vandalism: Stole his own mother's car and completely trashed it.
  • Sexual Harassment: Harasses Naomi and Emily continuously for being lesbians by telling them he knows the "cure" (referring to his penis), although overtime this became more of an inside joke between the three.
  • Breaking and Entering: Broke into Pandora's house and also broke into JJ's house with the assistance of Freddie.


  • Cook is one of the most popular Skins characters being only second to Effy.
  • Despite being less evil than the two Cook has committed more crimes than both David Blood and Mad Twatter.
  • Cook's forearm tattoo saying the words "JACK THE LAD" is actually a tattoo Jack O'Connell has in real life and wasn't created for the character of Cook.


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