Any man with two hands has a fighting chance
~ James Ellsworth's iconic quote

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James Morris, better known by his ring names Jimmy Dream and James Ellsworth, is an American professional wrestler currently appearing in 302 Pro Wrestling, Adrenaline Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment.


Throughout most of his career, Dream has teamed with Adam Ugly as Pretty Ugly. The duo have won several regional champonships throughout the Northeast, including First State Championship Wrestling, American Combat Wrestling and Big Time Wrestling.


302 Pro Wrestling (2016-present)

Pretty Ugly debuted in 302 Pro Wrestling at their first show. On June 4, Pretty Ugly won a tournament to be crowned the inaugural 302 Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions.


Morris appeared on the July 25th 2016 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW as James Ellsworth, in a enhancement match against Braun Strowman. in the September 13th 2016 edition of SmackDown Live, Ellsworth made his return and was supposed to be AJ Styles' tag team partner, but was attacked by The Miz who was furious about the fact that Ellsworth was on the main event instead of him.

On the October 11th 2016 edition of WWE Smackdown, Morris appeared (as Ellsworth again) as a surprise opponent for AJ Styles with Dean Ambrose as a special guest referee. Ambrose did a Dirty deeds on Styles, and putting Morris on top of Styles, and Ambrose did a 3-count. Due to his win over AJ Styles, on WWE Network's Talking Smack, SD Live GM Daniel Bryan announced that on October 18, 2016 episode of SmackDown Live, Ellsworth will face AJ Styles for the WWE World Championship.

The match was won by AJ Styles. Ellsworth turned heel in the TLC 2016 event by turning on Dean Ambrose thus allowing AJ Styles to retain his WWE Championship. Afterwards, Ellsworth proceeded to unite with Carmella.

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