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Only on three different continents.
~ James Haggerty about doing wetwork.

James Haggerty is a minor antagonist of the 1996 film Eraser. He is the head of security of Cyrez Corporation being involved in a plot (formulated by U.S. Undersecretary of Defense Daniel Harper) to sell rail-guns in the black market.

He was portrayed by Patrick Kilpatrick.


Being the head of security in the Cyrez building, Haggerty is one of the few men in Cyrez involved in a scandal of selling rail-guns (built by Cyrez Vice President William Donohue) to Russian terrorists (led by the infamous Sergei Ivanovich Petrofsky) for a sum of $52 million at the Baltimore docks. Even when Donohue committed suicide after learning that he would be arrested, Haggerty continued on his job under the direction of Cyrez CEO Morehart.

Haggerty first appeared when Morehart summoned him to the surveillance office to meet up with U.S. Marshal Robert Deguerin, who plans on setting a trap on his protege John Kruger and former Cyrez scientist Lee Cullen, as they both have a disc detailing the scandal that can only be accessed inside the Cyrez building. Though Haggerty assures to Deguerin that he got security guards posted to all computer terminals, Deguerin warns Haggerty that Kruger has specialized skills of infiltration, implying that Kruger will think of a way to get past the guards to access the disc.

Haggerty getting his neck snapped by Kruger.

Deguerin's suspicions proved to be correct when the Kruger and Lee have infiltrated into the building after getting past security by posing as paramedics; even when Haggerty and the guards check the main terminal, they find it to be empty as Kruger and Lee aren't there. Eventually, the Systems Administrator manages to pinpoint the duo's true location at Donohue's office in the north wing of the building, so Deguerin sends over Haggerty and the guards to go after them.

After the disc is destroyed, Haggerty spots Kruger and Lee trying to escape, so he tries to shoot them, but is forced to flee off when Kruger shoots back. Unfortunately, Deguerin kidnaps Lee and takes her up to a chopper (called in by Agents Schiff and Calderon) to escape. As Kruger attempts to rescue Lee on the rooftop, Haggerty arrives in an attempt to shoot him, but Kruger grabs Haggerty by the neck and snaps it, killing him. However, Kruger is upset to see that Deguerin has already escaped in the chopper, forcing himself to escape away from Cryez.


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