James Hook (also known as Jim Hook) is a supporting character of the first season of World of Winx, later revealed to be the hidden main antagonist of season 2. He is voiced by Mark Thompson.


He first appeared at the beginning of the first episode, The Talen Thief, where the Winx are chasing him around the city as they suspected him to be involved in the case of the Dark Queen kidnapping other people from performances to steal their talent. However, as they gave chase, he managed to get away.

He later appeared before Bloom and Techna in the episode, Shadow on the Snow, telling them to give him the watch as he said he knows how to make it work. He introduced himself to them as Jim and explained that he only wanted to protect Annabelle before her kidnapping.


James Hook has purple hair with a pony tail, wears a yellow jacket with a dragon on the backside, wears grey pants, and a purple glove on his left hand.