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Remember me? I set you on fire at the pancake festival.
~ James Kent talking on radio to Paul Blart.
Woah, very impressive taking down an assailant without a gun... I hope you don't mind if I use one.
~ James Kent revealing himself as the mastermind behind the mall robbery to Paul Blart.

Commander James "Jimmy" Kent is one of the two main antagonists (along with Veck Simms) of the 2009 comedy action film Paul Blart: Mall Cop. He is a corrupt SWAT commander, and the secret partner-in-crime of Veck Simms in the credit card heist in the film.

He was portrayed by Bobby Cannavale, who also played Guy Danlily in Annie, Irving in Mr. Robot, Gyp Rosetti in Boardwalk Empire, and Russel Van Pelt in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.


Kent is a corrupt and deceptive person, choosing to assist terrorists despite his role as the New Jersey SWAT Commander. He is also rude towards those he is placed in power of, such as Sergeant Howard, and has a history of harassing people such as Paul Blart.

Despite this, however, Kent has amazing charisma, and will also recognize the successes of others, such as Paul's subduing of Veck.



Before the events of Paul Blart Mall Cop, Kent was a bully of Paul Blart, doing things such as setting him on fire during a pancake festival. Sometime after they graduated high school, Kent would get his main job as the New Jersey SWAT Commander, and would also come into contact with Veck Simms, who proposed a plan to rob the West Orange Pavilion Mall.

Paul Blart Mall Cop

During the events of Paul Blart Mall Cop, Kent (along with his SWAT team) appear during the crisis at West Orange Pavilion Mall and muscle their way into the situation, preparing to take control of the situation as any SWAT team normally would, but repeatedly refuses to listen to any intel the police already have. He forcefully attempts to communicate with Paul, attempting to discourage Paul from continuing his mission. However, Paul chooses to contact his boss, Chief Brooks, instead of Kent by utilizing his cell phone.

As Paul slowly begins to fight back against the terrorists, Kent would try to take over the situation before Paul crashed through the mall, riding one of the display cars. Kent would then demand everyone to hold their fire as he ran up to Paul, where Paul revealed that Veck had escaped with Amy, Paul's main love interest throughout the movie, and Maya, Paul's daughter. Kent would then hop into the car as the two drove off to the airport in pursuit of Veck. Paul would try to jump over to the van that Veck was in, having Kent take over the car during this time, but would fail, falling onto the road. Kent would try to persuade Paul to get back in the car, but Paul would choose to run over to the airport instead, leading to Kent driving over there.

Reveal and Defeat

By the time Kent got to the airport, Paul had already subdued Veck. Congratulating him, Kent recognized Paul's abilities before his voice switches to a more sinister tone as he pulls out his pistol, ready to kill Paul. Paul, in disbelief, learns that Kent and Veck were working together the entire time, and that Kent had planned to escape to the Cayman Islands, but needed the money from the mall (the codes inside of Paul's phone) in order to escape. Paul would then immediately throw the phone down on the ground, choosing to break the phone and sacrifice himself for the sake of the mall rather than let Kent win. Kent would then call in his SWAT team, where he would inform them that all the mall terrorists were to talk to no one but him. Kent would then go on a short monologue about how he never needed the codes in Paul's phone, as the terrorists had them written on their arms. He would then threaten to kill Paul, Amy, and Maya, and was about to continue on about it being a "bank robbery" before his gun was suddenly shot out of his hand. Looking behind him, he would see not Sergeant Howard, but instead Chief Brooks, Paul's boss, was the one who fired the shot. Kent, knowing he lost, would raise both of his hands as Howard took the gun from Brooks and walked up to Kent, arresting him and telling him that his "flight was cancelled." Kent would then be led back to a police car, where he would presumably lose his job as a SWAT commander.