I lost a sister in Chicago! You have no sympathy for me!
~ James Savoy explaining his motivations for wanting to eliminate the Autobots.
James Savoy: Tough luck, Yeager! We all have family!
Cade Yeager: Yeah, but at least I'm going to live to see mine.
~ James Savoy's last words to Cade Yeager before his death.

James Savoy is a major antagonist in the 2014 film Transformers: Age of Extinction.

He is a relentless CIA operative who served as the field commander of the agency's black ops unit known as Cemetery Wind, as well as being the personal bodyguard and right-hand man of Harold Attinger. He is also the arch-rival of Cade Yeager.

He was portrayed by Titus Welliver, who also portrayed Felix Blake in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Trask Imperial Captain in The Mandalorian.


Savoy is first seen at the beginning of the movie leading Cemetery Wind at a boat pier. Using six mini-drones and a heat signature scanner, Savoy's men successfully used two explosions to break down Ratchet, with the second blowing his leg off. Ratchet then pleads for his life claiming he is friendly and that he is only running from humans because Optimus Prime urged him to immediately do so. Savoy still does not sparely Ratchet, complaining to the Autobot about his sister's death in Chicago. Savoy then gleefully watched Lockdown rip out poor Ratchet's spark. 

He was the right-hand man of Harold Attinger and the leader of a CIA black ops unit known as the Cemetery Wind to capture Cade Yeager, his daughter, Tessa, and Shane including all the Transformers. He wants to kill Optimus Prime and all the other Autobots, even the Decepticons since his sister was killed in the battle of Chicago.

In Hong Kong, China, Savoy tried shooting at Joshua, Tessa, and Shane as the three went down in an elevator to get rid of Lockdown's seed. Cade chose not to stay in the elevator, deciding that he must stay behind and fight off Savoy, who then engages in a fight with Cade where they are punching each other in a building in Hong Kong. Savoy chases Cade down the exterior back wall of an apartment building in Hong Kong, and Savoy shoves Cade through a window into a room.

Exchanging blows and punches, Savoy is able to smash a glass vase on Cade's head while Cade jams his thumb into Savoy's eye socket, and the two immediately shoved each other away of a short distance. Savoy denigrates Cade for hiding and siding with Optimus, saying that they "all have family", before pulling out a knife, prompting Cade to throw a football at his head, tell him that he, at least, is "going to live" to see his family, and push him out the window, causing Savoy to fall to his death, breaking his spine and neck, killing him, ending his wrath for good.

However, Attinger witnesses Savoy's death. Furious, he attempts to avenge his right hand man by attempting to execute Cade during the final showdown against Lockdown, only to be shot and killed by Optimus as retaliation for the deaths of the humans and the Autobots he had killed and Lockdown is later killed by Optimus.


Savoy was a loyal right-hand man to Attinger, who held a grudge against Cybertronians, no matter whether good ones (mostly Autobots) or evil (mostly Decepticons). Perhaps since the death of his sister in Chicago at the hands of Sentinel Prime and the Decepticons, it was implied that he has gone insane since then. Due to her death, he has become wrathful, ruthless and highly sadistic, taking enjoyment out of inflicting, suffering and pain toward the helpless Cybertronians and humans alike, like he did to Ratchet and Tessa (which forced Optimus Prime out of hiding).

Even before his death, Savoy himself had been twisted into somewhat thinking that Cade, along with his Autobot allies and his family, mocking him over his sister's death as he went on the blind fury with his knife to stab Cade when Cade tries to reason with him for the final time before sending him to his death. This might be the reason why Attinger appointed him as his right-hand man, though his homicidal wrath eventually cost him his life.

In the lesser extent, Savoy can also be considered an anti-villain due to the fact that he clearly loved his sister, something which made him hold a deep hatred towards Cybertronians in his crippled heart, although he is virtually a sociopath due to his willingness to kill innocents.



  • Savoy appears to be loosely based on Spike Witwicky in the IDW Transformers comics, though things that they only share in common are their savagery and personality. He is also the second human antagonist after Dylan Gould.
  • Savoy condescendingly refers to Optimus Prime as "the truck" or "that truck" despite how Optimus is really a 32-foot tall robot, most likely as a way to make himself think humans are superior to Cybertronians.
  • While he helped Savoy hunt Autobots for the sport of it, even Lockdown displayed disgust at Savoy for killing the very same Autobots who saved him from slavery or execution by Decepticons back in the third movie.
  • Savoy's death is similar to Galvatron from Transformers: The Movie, as both were thrown and fell to their doom by the protagonist (Hot Rod threw Galvatron out of Unicron and Cade threw Savoy out of the window). Although Galvatron survives the fall but not Savoy (who fell from the building leading to his death).
  • Savoy is also considered to be the human counterpart of Cyclonus from the animated film.
  • It is possible that Savoy killed Sam Witwicky, his parents, and Carly Witwicky prior to the events of Transformers: Age of Extinction due to them allying with the Autobots mostly with Bumblebee.


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