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James Van Dyle

James Van Dyle is a poacher who pretends to a wildlife conservationist and a villain in Batman Beyond. Van Dyle is voiced by German actor Reiner Schöne.

James Van Dyle was a sociopath who stole wild animals from their natural environments and sold them to the highest bidder while using the Wildlife WayStation as a coverage that was alleged to helping orphaned animals. The facility was where Van Dyle arranged for the animals' migration transmitters to be removed so that he could sell them.

When Fingers grew to be a talking gorilla, he broke out of his prison and went after Van Dyle. Fingers encountered Batman and told him of Van Dyle's corruption which prompted Batman to help.

Van Dyle spotted Batman cloaked, stunned him with a taser, and dumped him into a cage with a lion in it so Batman can fight for his life. Once Fingers stepped into save Batman, Van Dyle and his crew fired them at both. Just before Van Dyle could kill Batman, Commissioner Barbara Gordon arrived to the scene and the old idiot denied the poaching accusations made to him until Fingers supported those claims.

Fingers caught Van Dyle as he was getting away and was about to kill him since Van Dyle murdered his mother until Batman convinced Fingers to let Barbara arrest him. Van Dyle was then thrown in prison for his crimes against humanity.


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