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Jamey Farrell

Jamey Farrell is a hidden recurring antagonist from Season 1 of 24.

She was portrayed by Karina Arroyave.


Jamey was a programmer and analyst for the Los Angeles division of the Counter Terrorist Unit, but in episode 1.07, Jamey is revealed as a mole planted by Ira Gaines, as part of Gaines' plan to assassinate President David Palmer. Jamey's villainous reveal came when she passed the location of Jack Bauer's wife, Teri, to Gaines, leading to Teri's kidnapping.

In the following episode, Jamey contacted Gaines via phone in the restroom, but she is later caught by Tony Almeida. During her interrogation, Jamey claimed to be unaware of Gaines' motives, and stated that she was only supposed to tap into the surveillance. It was revealed that Jamey received a $300,000 pay from Gaines for her misdeeds, using her young son as an excuse for her traitorous actions.

Jamey was killed by fellow villainess Nina Myers in episode 1.10, slitting her wrists to make it look like a suicide.

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