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You puked on my dress and than f***ed it?!
~ Jamie to her fiance Tod.

Jamie Martin is the main antagonist in the 2012 comedy film That's My Boy.

She was portrayed by Leighton Meester, who also played Blair Waldorf the TV series Gossip Girl, Heather Crowley in CSI: Miami, and Rebecca Evans in The Roommate.


Angry about Donny's incompetence as a father, he has changed name to Todd Peterson, tells acquaintances that his parents died in an explosion when he was nine years old, has gone on to become a successful businessman, and is about to marry a rich young woman named Jamie whom he met over a year ago (mathematically according to Tod it was 450 days but it was 451 days according to Donny Berger on a leap year). Todd has arrived at the Cape Cod house of his boss, Steve Spirou, the site of the wedding; while he doesn't get along well with Jamie's brother Chad, a Marine he has just met for the first time, he is well liked by the other guests.

Donny learns that he owes $43,000 to the IRS in back-taxes and will be imprisoned for three years if he doesn't repay the money by the end of the weekend. He places a long-odds wager on morbidly obese athlete Tubby Tuke to win an upcoming marathon, but realizes that he needs another plan. He visits TV producer Randall Morgan, who had produced shows for Donny during his brief period of celebrity; Morgan offers him $50,000 if he can organize a reunion with Todd and Ms. McGarricle at the women's prison.

Donny arrives at Cape Cod to try to convince Todd to participate. Because he had previously told people that his parents had died, Todd introduces Donny as an old friend; Donny elaborates with a heroic backstory and, despite his extremely crude behavior, quickly becomes well-liked by the other guests, at the expense of Todd's popularity – to the point where Todd's best man, co-worker Phil, passes the role of best man on to Donny. Donny tries to convince Todd to come to the women's prison to see Ms. McGarricle (not revealing that it is for Morgan's television show), but Todd fights constantly with Donny about his father's immaturity, both now and during his childhood. When Donny later hears Jamie yelling at Todd, he tries to be fatherly by encouraging him to stand up for himself; he follows this advice the next day at the wedding rehearsal, getting into a fistfight with Father McNally.

Donny joins Todd and his other friends at the bachelor party, which is a relaxing, alcohol-free visit to a spa organized by Phil. Donny proceeds to offend everybody at the spa (although eventually has sex with the uptight proprietor Ms. Ravensdale), before convincing the others to go to the strip club with him, where Todd bonds with Brie, and everybody gets drunk and raucous. Donny sends the other guests home, but Phil stays and gets a blowjob from a stripper with a neck brace, then he and Todd meet up with Vanilla Ice, a former friend of Donny's from his B-grade celebrity days; once Donny apologizes to Ice for sleeping with his mother (the cause of a long-standing rift between the pair), the three wreak havoc through the night before returning to Steve's house, where both Donny and Ice have sex with Steve's mother and a drunk Todd has sex with, then vomits on, the mannequin wearing Jamie's wedding dress. Throughout the night, Donny and Todd bond. Todd tells Donny that he has given him a present for being best man and Todd agrees to visit Ms McGarricle in prison; Donny, knowing that the meeting is a television set-up, tells him not to go.

The following day, Jamie forces Todd to take the dress to the dry cleaner and Todd decides to visit his mother anyway. Donny rushes to prison to stop the meeting, but arrives too late; Randall ambushes Todd, Donny, and Ms. McGarricle with a film crew and an enraged Todd leaves. He refuses to sign a release form for the television appearance, leaving Donny with no money from the stunt.

Donny returns to Steve's home to retrieve his belongings and overhears Jamie on a phone call, indicating that she is cheating on Todd with Steve. He tries to tell Todd at the rehearsal dinner that night, but Jamie comes up with a story to cover her tracks. Defeated, Donny leaves and returns to the strip club, where his friend Kenny convinces him to return and earn Jamie's forgiveness. Donny heads to the hotel where Jamie is staying, only to find her having sex with Chad, her brother, whom Donny learns is actually a jazz dancer pretending to be a Marine. Jamie gives Donny the money he needs in exchange for his silence.

Donny opens Todd's present to find an oven mitt, which Donny had used as a sock puppet to comfort Todd during his childhood. Touched by Todd's acknowledgement of their father-son relationship, Donny realizes that he must stop the wedding, in spite of his need for Jamie's hush money. He and Vanilla Ice interrupt the wedding ceremony and Donny reveals that he is Todd's father. Donny tears up Jamie's check and urges her to whisper the truth to Todd – which an astonished Todd exposes to the entire crowd. In the ensuing fight, Jamie and Chad are both knocked unconscious when both try to kill Todd and Donny. Todd accepts Donny as his father and proudly re-assumes the name Han Solo Berger. 

It is assumed Jamie was arrested for attempted murder and committing incest with her brother.


Do I sound okay!?
~ Jamie to Todd when she discovers her wedding dress is covered in vomit and semen
You're gonna go back to "normal" crazy and you can start by taking out that stupid Duran-Duran earring!
~ Jamie demanding Todd to go back to normal before he takes her wedding dress to the cleaners
I was talking to Steve...Steve Goldstein of the New Yorker!
~ Jamie coming up with a clever story to Donny to cover up her talking with Steve, her boss.
Oh, yeah! You're half the size of Todd but you use it so much better!
~ Jamie, as she is heard by Donny in the hotel having sex with someone other than Todd
Oh my God! (Donny: Oh my God!) Oh my God!
~ Jamie during sexual intercourse with someone other than her fiance'
Fucking shit! (Donny: Fucking shit!) Fucking shit!
~ Jamie exclaiming obscenities during her pleasure from sexual encounter in the hotel
*screams* Oh my God!
~ Jamie screaming when she's caught in the act of having sex with another man in a hotel room by Donny
No! You don't understand what is going on here!
~ Jamie to Donny when she is caught having sex with her brother Chad
Look, I love Todd and we're gonna get married and we're gonna have a great life together...
~ Jamie insisting to Donny that she still wants to marry Todd
And yes! I've had sex with Chad from time to time...
~ Jamie confessing about her incestuous relationship with her Chad to Donny
It's what good-looking people do! They have sex with other good-looking people!
~ Jamie defending her incestuous relationship with Chad to Donny
Just that one of those particular good-looking people happens to be my little brother...
~ Jamie considering her relationship with Chad to be normal like other "good-looking" people's relationships
No! He'll never believe you!
~ Jamie warning Donny that he will never get Todd to believe that she is cheating on him
No, he bought that "Steve Goldstein" story!
~ Jamie admitting to Donny that she lied about being with Steve professionally
What? You think he got that partnership deal on his own, with that "beep-boop-beep" shit? No, I gave him a boost!
~ Jamie admitting that her fiancee only promoted because she slept with his boss Steve
No, he's not a Marine. He buys those uniforms on eBay so Dad doesn't find out he's a modern jazz dancer.
~ Jamie confesses to Donny that Chad is a jazz dancer, not a U.S. Marine
All right, how much? I'm gonna be a very rich woman, I can write you a big fat check!
~ Jamie bribing Donny with money to keep him quiet about her affair with her twin brother
Todd has to pop a Xanax when he loses a contact lense -- what do you thinks gonna happen when he hears about this?
~ Jamie warning Donny that telling her fiancee the truth will suffer the consequences
Todd's happy! Do you really wanna take that away from him?
~ Jamie assuring Donny that Todd will have a happy life with her without Donny's interference
Don't listen to him, he's crazy!
~ Jamie warning Todd and her family about Donny's wedding-crashing
~ Jamie trying to silence Chad when he slips to Todd about Donny's $50,000 check
Absolutely gross! So disgusting!
~ Jamie's hypocritical reaction when she discovers Todd is the child of a student-teacher affair
Todd, don’t you see? It’s gonna be even better now! You’re a mess, I'm a mess.So let's do it! Let's get married!
~ Jamie to Todd as she tries to marry him for his money even after her secret affair with Chad is exposed



  • When Tod Peterson (Han Solo Berger) introduced his "best friend" Donny to his in-laws (starting with Jamie's father Gerald), he revealed that their last name is "Martin" which never appeared in the movie's end credits.