Jamie Russo is one of the minor characters in the The Amazing World of Gumball animated series, and can be seen shouting "The Amazing World of Gumball!" in one of the show's promos. She is very obnoxious and disrespectful. Ever since Miss Simian held her back a year, she dislikes the new kids in Elmore High School.


Jamie has not been seen very frequently, making only small appearances. Her first appearance was in a cameo in 'The Dress'. Her latest appearance, also in a cameo, was in 'The Robot'. She is one of the many minor characters to be done in Rendered 3D style. In "The Words" Jamie rudely cuts in line of Gumball and Darwin. Darwin then insults her during his song, declaring that she's rude and impolite. In "The Storm", Jamie hates Gumball for kissing Carmen.

Jamie appears as a major antagonist in "The Coach". After Gumball and Darwin, and the other students of Elmore got hurt very badly from the gym, Jamie bursts into the cafeteria and threatens them to beat it. She was then about to punch Gumball in the face when her mother, Coach orders her to apologize to Gumball. Jamie apologizes and says they will be friends, which shocked everybody. The next day, Jamie confronts Gumball and Darwin again, but Gumball attempts to be nice and say she doesn't have to be a bully anymore, but Jamie shoves him in Darwin's mouth and threatens that the school will go down in history.

Jamie had another antagonist role in "The Girlfriend", where she violently forced Darwin to be her sweetheart, but their relationship was short-lived.


  • Bullying people is the only thing people know how to do.
  • Despite being a girl, she looks, sounds, and acts like a boy.


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