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I love her, okay? So don't even bother trying to get between us, and if you ever threaten her again... it'll be the last time you see any of us!
~ Jamie threatening to disown his villainous mother Kim Tate unless she respects his wife Andrea.

Jamie Tate is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British soap opera Emmerdale. He served as a minor character from 1996-1999, before reappearing as a central character in 2019 and then becoming an anti-hero in 2020 and the secondary antagonist in 2021.

He is portrayed by Alexander Lincoln.


Jamie Tate was first born as James to his wealthy parents Frank Tate and Kim Tate, whose second marriage was undergoing a crisis due to Kim's affair with Frank's employee Dave Glover. In Christmas 1996, Dave rescues James from a fire before he then dies of his injuries. In 1997, Kim fakes her death to get revenge on Frank and later kills him by watching him die of a heart attack after forcing him to allow her to get custody of James.

Then when Frank's son Chris Tate attempted to bring Kim to justice for his father's murder, he attempts to blackmail her into getting custody of James. But in the end Kim knocked out Chris with a paperweight before fleeing the village with James, having escaped prison for her criminal activities with her second husband Steve Marchant and manipulating both Chris' sister Zoe Tate and ex-wife Kathy Glover into believing that she was not involved with the incident.

In 2019, Jamie first appears in Emmerdale after Kim's third husband Graham Foster tracks him down - which Kim requested on the day after Chris' son Joe Tate was seemingly killed by local hardman Cain Dingle amid Kim's return to the village. Jamie has been married to a wife called Andrea and they have a daughter called Millie, who warms up to Kim whereas Andrea often clashes with her. Jamie and Kim briefly rekindle their relationship despite the latter finding out that her son briefly caused her prison sentence. They seem to get along better after finding out that Graham and Andrea had a previous one night stand, which later resulted in them being suspects for Graham's murder committed by his girlfriend's spousal rapist Pierce Harris prior to his imprisonment.

Months later amid 2020, Jamie's dark side emerges when he accidentally runs over Cain's wife Moira Barton in a hit and run before leaving her for dead. Moira recovers and Cain's sister Belle Dingle forges a relationship with Jamie to expose what he did. Afterwards, Jamie gets local resident Gabby Thomas pregnant and accuses her of wanting to steal Kim's money due to her relationship with Kim. As such, Jamie gets romantically entangled with single mother Dawn Taylor and clashes with her father Will about it.

In 2021, Kim begins to grow increasingly unwell and it eventually becomes clear that somebody is poisoning her. It is later revealed that Jamie is the culprit due to the way how his relationship with his mother has been going lately. After local vet Paddy Kirk unknowingly makes Kim realize that her son is the culprit, she teams up with Will to get revenge on Jamie. First she fakes her death, then surprises Jamie at Home Farm before confronting him for his actions. Kim then claims she poisoned Jamie, but it turns out to be false as she wanted to teach him a lesson. At the same time, Dawn learns what Jamie did to his mother from Will and confronts them at Home Farm. She ends her relationship with Jamie, whom Kim then disowns before cutting him out of his will.

Jamie later fakes his death. He goes into hiding in 2022.


  • Jamie, as baby James in the late 1990s, was played by numerous babies throughout his 1990s stint.