Jamin is one of the supporting antagonists in the anime, Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture.


Jamin, Panni, and Hauer are the servant of the Gaudeamus family. When Laocorn decided to look for Mars armor, Jamin reluctantly assisted him in chasing. He tracks and follows Sulia and her companions to determine the location of the remaining parts.

Jamin and Laocorn briefly attacked Terry and Sulia in Germany, but both escaped. Together with Hauer and Panni, he ambushed the team of Sulia at a hotel break. After threatening to hurt her companion, Sulia acquiesced and let Jamin bring her to Laocorn. He went to Israel to guard the entrance to the temple, while Laocorn claimed the last piece.

He deliberately lost his fight with Terry, so the latter could save Sulia and Laocorn and die.


  • Terry notes that Jamin's as strong as Krauser, who was the Big Bad of the previous movie.


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