Jane Caldicott is a villainess from "No Good Deed", Season 10 episode 15 of CSI: Miami (airdate March 4, 2012). She is played by Royal Pains actress Reshma Shetty, whose real-life husband, actor, producer and financier Deep Katdare played a villain in the Season 3 Finale, "10-7".


Caldicott was the head of an accounting firm, which employed accountant Henry Duncan, who was found dead after being run over by a boat while out surfing.

The investigation ultimately led the detectives to Henry's employment at Caldicott's company and their investigation led to a revelation: one of Caldicott's clients, construction site owner Bob Scherner, was building highly priced houses on land he bought cheaply--land which also contained carcinogenic soil. Caldicott was revealed to be aware of the toxic land Scherner was working on and conspired with him to keep his actions covered for monetary benefits.

Henry eventually uncovered Scherner's illegal activities and confronted him and Caldicott, blasting her for allowing Scherner to build houses on unsafe land. In response, Caldicott ordered Henry to return to his office and to stay quiet about Scherner's work. Caldicott was brought in for interrogation by Ryan Wolfe and Horatio Crane, during which Caldicott tried to deny knowledge for Scherner's work. But with her fingerprints on the files proving Scherner's deeds, sealing her reveal, Caldicott confessed to her complicity in the illegal building. She also adamantly denied killing Henry to cover her and Scherner's tracks, stating that she had planned on bribing Henry into silence while subtly fingering Scherner as the true killer. While Caldicott and Scherner were ultimately proven innocent in Henry's murder, they were arrested for their illegal activities as they were shown being taken into police custody in one of the episode's final scenes.

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