Jane Cartwright, also known as Jane Doe was a villain in the Season 5 episode "Nothing's Shocking" of the FOX TV series Gotham.

Jane Cartwright is a criminal and former Arkham Asylum Inmate. She blamed Harvey Bullock and his partners who were on the case of her father's murder for what happened to her in Arkham Asylum.

She was portrayed by Sarah Pidgeon. In her assumed identities, she is portrayed by Dan Hedaya (as Dix), Donal Logue (as Harvey) and Erin Richards (as Barbara) respectively.


Jane grew up with a traumatic childhood, suffering abuse from her father and presumably her mother as well.

She was later sent to Arkham Asylum after her father was murdered. During her time at Indian Hill, she was experimented on by Professor Hugo Strange, who turned her into a monster with shapeshifting powers. She was eventually broken out by Fish Mooney and then went into hiding.

Jane's psychological trauma also caused her to view herself as hideous and monstrous looking. Three years later, when Gotham became a No Man's Land thanks to Jeremiah Valeska and Ra's al Ghul, she took it as her chance to finally gain revenge on the detectives that ruined her life.

Bullock chased Jane at her family home, where he tells her to remove her mask. When she did, he was shocked to see that she was ordinary looking, but Jane thought otherwise. She then tries to kill him but she was then forcefully shot dead by Harvey Bullock.

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