Janet Wong

Janet Wong is a villainess from "Fallen," episode 3.06 of Motive.

She was played by Patti Kim.


Janet Wong is a guard at Neville Montgomery's mansion, and following the arrest of Derek Caster (Neville's personal right hand man) for the murder of Neville's daughter, London, she became a villainous conspirator in Caster's murder. Janet was paid $50,000 by Neville's lawyer, Henry Guenther to have Caster killed--mainly to keep Caster from possibly leaking any of Neville's dirty secrets. Later on, the evil Janet paid Caster's cellmate, Mason Garvey, $5000 to kill Caster, which he does by stabbing him eight times.

In her sole appearance in the episode, Janet is shown with a new Mercedes when she is confronted by Angie and Cross regarding her role in Caster's murder. Later in the episode, Janet appeared at the station and confessed to having Caster killed, while also revealing that Guenther paid her. Following her confession, Janet was arrested (off-screen).