Janice Starlin

Janice Starlin (also known as the Wasp Woman) is the fictional character and the titular main antagonist of the 1959 science-fiction horror film The Wasp Woman. She was a woman who was later mutated into a human-wasp hybrid as a result of an experimental rejuvenation technique derived from the royal jelly of a wasp queen.

She was portrayed by the late Susan Cabot.


Janice Starlin was the CEO of a cosmetics company called Janice Starlin Enterprises. Approaching middle-age, she started to worry about her appearance and how it could affect sales. The brilliant scientist Dr. Eric Zinthrop, who had been experimenting with wasp's royal jelly, came to her to offer her a special serum he developed from the jelly which could cause near instantaneous rejuvenation, as demonstrated in rats and cats. Miss Starlin was highly interested, seeing the revolutionary potential of such invention. However, Dr. Zinthrop warned her that he hadn't tested it on humans yet. Despite being aware of the danger, Starlin offered herself as a test subject.

At first, the treatment seemed to have little to no effect during the first three weeks. One night she decided to apply an extra dose, unaware that some of the animal test subjects were at that very moment beginning to exhibit symptoms of viciously violent behavior. Soon afterward, Starlin started mutating, developing insectoid features such as huge compound eyes. To make matters worse, the transformation also altered her behavior, sending her in a mindless murderous rampage, killing people by tearing their throats apart with her insectoid mouthpieces. She killed an employee named Arthur Cooper, a security guard and a nurse. She later attacked Mary Dennison, prompting Dr. Zinthrop to throw a bottle of carbolic acid on the Wasp Woman's face, which in turn allowed Bill Lane to hit her with a chair and through the window, leading to her death.


  • Arthur Cooper - Blood drained
  • Night Watchman - Blood drained
  • Nurse - Blood drained
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