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Oh, Thomas. You should've run.
~ Janson's most famous quote as he subdues Thomas.
Of course there's not going to be enough for everyone. Hard choices are going to have to be made. In time, the Flare virus will burn itself out. The question is, who will be the ones left standing? Thanks to you, to this, we finally get to choose. A future of our own making.
~ Janson's speech to Thomas after he kills Ava Paige and plans to take the cure.
I thought we were friends… Maybe it's just in your nature to betray the people closest to you. Come on, let's not prolong this, we both know there's no way out of here. Let's not make this any more painful than it needs to be, Thomas, Teresa…
~ Janson trying to kill Thomas and Teresa.

Assistant Director Janson, also known as simply Janson or the Rat Man in the books, is the main antagonist from The Maze Runner trilogy. He serves as the secondary antagonist of Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials and the main antagonist of Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

He was the highest-ranking official in the organization WICKED under Chancellor Ava Paige's command. He initially appeared to want to help Thomas, before his true allegiances are revealed.

He was portrayed by Aidan Gillen, who also played Petyr Baelish in Game of Thrones, Miles Jackson in 12 Rounds, Nelson Rathbone in Shanghai Knights and Paul Serene in Quantum Break.



The Death Cure

Rat Man releases Thomas from four-week isolation. He takes Thomas to regroup with his friends. He reveals that WICKED will be giving them their memories back. Before doing so, Rat Man tells the group about how much people like Newt were not immune to the Flare. Most of the people decide to get their memories back except for Thomas, Newt, and Minho (It is here where he reveals his name). Because of this, the trio is locked up and taken to get their memories back the next morning. Brenda attempts to sedate Thomas, but instead, she sedates one of the guards, resulting in a breakout, wherein Janson is stunned by a Launcher gun.

Later, a cop machine saves Thomas from a bounty hunter. A video feed of Janson appears and he asks Thomas to come back and help complete the cure for the Flare because he is the supposed Final Candidate. Thomas pretends to consider it. Janson tells Thomas (mainly because he thought this will influence his decision) that his friend Newt was succumbing to the Flare more than average. Thomas considers it this time. Later, Thomas arrives at the WICKED Complex after killing Newt. Janson tells Thomas that WICKED thinks that completing the cure involved the vivisection of Thomas.

Thomas declines this just in time for the Right Arm to attack WICKED. He finds a letter from Ava Paige. The letter tells him where the captured Immunes are and where the hidden MAINTENANCE Room is. In there, he will find a Flat Trans which shall transport him, his friends, and the Immunes to a safe paradise. Janson assists one guard in subduing Thomas. Thomas, however, kills the guard and while running away, he realizes that Janson has caught the Flare. Thomas, with the help of his friends, finds the captured Immunes in the Group A Maze. They make it to the MAINTENANCE Room, but Janson and a bunch of guards find them. A fight ensues wherein Thomas tangles with Janson and strangles him to death, before arriving at the Safe Haven.


Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

After the events of the first movie, Thomas and the Gladers meet Janson, who explain that while they are with WCKD, they are safe from WCKD, the Flare, and the Cranks. Janson promises them a cure and a haven where they can live in peace. The Gladers believe him, but Thomas is the only one who is suspicious of Janson's plans. Later on, during lunch break, Janson reads out names of Gladers including Teresa Agnes, causing Thomas to become even suspicious. Janson even took Thomas into a cell and asks what side he is on.

Thomas and a boy named Aris Jones crawl through the air vents and find fellow Gladers in comas. They also overhear Janson talking to the supposedly-dead Ava Paige, who had shot herself in the first movie. Janson is also tracking down an organization in the mountains called the Right Arm Resistance. Thomas tells the other Group A Gladers about this and they stage a breakout from WCKD headquarters. Janson eventually hears of this and catches up to the Gladers, who are trying to unlock the door. Janson tries to reason with Thomas and states what might kill them if they try to escape.

Janson trying to reason with Thomas to prevent him from escaping.

Aris and Winston open the main vault door from the outside and while the other Gladers escape, Thomas attacks Janson and the troopers with a stun-gun which he had obtained earlier during the breakout. The stun-gun runs out and Thomas rushes towards the main vault door. WCKD security officers close the door, but Thomas just slides underneath. He points the middle finger at Janson, enraging him even more. He sends out troops to find them in The Scorch.

Later, WCKD attacks the survivors, forcing them to flee. Later, the Gladers find the Right Arm Resistance. There, Teresa believes that WCKD's deeds are good (most possibly because of WCKD's quote, "WCKD is good") and as a result, she alerts WCKD of their location. WCKD storms the facility and Janson shoots the doctor, Mary dead, they capture a bunch of Gladers, including Minho.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Initially, after the attack of the Right Arm on the transport trains of WCKD, Janson appears to review the loss and the damages during the attack in that it is seen that Minho follows between which they possess later to it when Thomas and his group arrive at the Last City.

Janson is called to analyze the situation and orders to activate the defenses of which are treated high-range guns, attacking the people who protested to enter and killing many of these. Once Teresa Agnes tries to prove a cure, Janson comes with Ava Paige saying that if it applies to everyone, then they have a meeting with Ava Paige about what is necessary to find the cure.

Saying that he will do everything possible to find it, Thomas manages to infiltrate the Last City in a moment. This is discovered by Janson when they went with Teresa in an elevator, calling assault teams to capture them initiating a shooting and persecution by the laboratories, finally do are almost caught these jump from building a swimming pool. Janson decides to go look but manages to find them, after Teresa told Thomas that is the cure, Ava decides to go with Paige to find out if that is true.

When he was about to convince Ava Paige, she gets killed by Janson with a shot in the back, and knocks out Thomas with a tranquilizer, once waking up in the laboratory to get his blood and create a cure. He then reveals to Thomas that he intends to exploit the cure and decide who and who won't receive treatment. Pulling up his sleeve, he reveals that he is infected from a long time ago and for that he needed the cure, but at the moment he is knocked out by Teresa hitting him in the head with a glass flask, then he gets up and knocks Teresa off with the tables, and Thomas starts a brutal fistfight against Janson. After taking many heavy blows, Janson subdues him and attempts to shoot him but is incapacitated after a missile explodes on their floor due to the building being sieged by rebels who prior broke through WCKD's defenses.

Thomas takes the opportunity to escape with Teresa but a bullet hits him in the stomach seriously injuring him, Teresa takes him to a laboratory where they experimented with Cranks to help him but Janson arrives and finds them, starting a conversation and looking for them while they are hiding. Upon finding Teresa, she offers to give him the tube containing Thomas' blood, but Janson refuses, demanding Thomas himself.

Janson taunts Thomas and threatens that while Thomas couldn't shoot her, he can, at that moment Thomas takes a tool and throws it towards the glass where the Cranks reside. Janson taunts him saying "Missed you little shit" to that moment Thomas replies "Did I?", as the glass begins to break, Janson looks in horror when realize where Thomas needed him to be before the Cranks break through it and maul him to death which avenges the death of all those lives he took. Thomas and Teresa proceed to escape as the building begins to burn down, Teresa however dies when the platform she and Thomas were standing on breaks as she helped Thomas to safety.

Powers and Abilities

  • High-Level Intelligence: As the second commander of WICKED, Janson had the position of all security protocols WCKD weapons/gears, soldiers, testing immune children subjects in the Maze and taking them to headquarters for preparation in harvesting their blood for serum.
  • Expert Marksmanship: During the two films Janson was an expert in using armed weaponry for reckless situations in the Scorch Trials, he was shown to be skilled at shooting his pistol at a target which was Mary Cooper in cold blood without hesitation then attempted to shoot Thomas but was distorted by Brenda. In Maze Runner: The Death Cure, he aims and fires three rounds shots at Thomas and Newt but missed due to bulletproof glass covering them, then when spotting them on the 20th floor he again shoots bullets at them but ended up missing because of their quickness, when Thomas returned to the building he shoots Ava Paige in the back of the spine killing her. Then after recovering from an RPG blast, he sees Thomas and Teresa heading to exit and points his gun directly at her to only had fired a hit on Thomas through the right side of his lower back.
  • Hand-to-hand combat Prowess: In the Maze Runner trilogy, Janson exhibited a few skills and coordinations in brawling with his fist during close quarter combat. In Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, he punched Thomas in the stomach and smacked him across the face, then Maze Runner: The Death Cure, he gets in a battle against Thomas by punching his face twice, putting him in a chokehold, then punches him again. After he took a few attacks from Thomas, he reacted quickly to counter his punch by grabbing his arm, smacking him across the face, kicking his stomach, and tosses him to the floor.
  • Maximum Human Conditioning: Janson seemed to be a fit grown adult to possess maximum limits of his physical and mental peak attributes. He showed to be strong enough at tossing a person half his size across the floor a few inches from his position, fast enough to have reflexes to dodge quick projectiles being aimed at him, and even endurable from being shot in the shoulder and hits from a peak human teenager.
  • Pain Suppression/Feral Mind: In Maze Runner: The Death Cure, Janson was revealed to have been infected by the Flare virus which slowly began changing his psychological health when he pulled up his sleeve in preparation to inject himself with the Cure. Having the Flare also seemed to have granted him a form of suppression towards pain, as shown when Teresa bashed a test tube in the back on his head which briefly knocked him out only to re-emerge bleeding. Later on, when Teresa and Thomas were trying to escape from the WICKED complex, he managed to withstand many blows of brute strength from Thomas and an RPG without giving away any complaint or any sign of intense pain and discomfort.


  • Glock 34 Pistol: In Scorch trials, he wielded the Glock 34.
  • Walter PPQ: In Death Cure was shown carry a PPQ against enemy personnel.



Okay, then. Most of you are Immune and have helped us gather invaluable data. Only two of you are considered Candidates now, but we'll go into that later. Let's get to the list. The following people are NOT Immune. Newt…
~ Janson explaining who is not immune to the Flare.
Intelligent, yes. Among more important reasons. Do you think we enjoy all this?. You think we enjoy watching you suffer? It's all been for a purpose, and very soon it will make sense to you.
~ Janson explaining how close the Cure is.
These are called Launchers. These guards will not hesitate to fire them if any of you cause trouble. The weapons won't kill you, but trust me when I say that they'll give you the most uncomfortable five minutes of your lives.
~ Janson explaining what happens when you try to escape the World Catastrophe Killzone Department.
I haven't lied about a thing. You made your decision, now live with the consequences. Guards, escort Thomas and the others to their rooms, where they can dwell on their mistakes until tomorrow morning's testings. Use whatever force is necessary.
~ Janson
Rise and shine, boys. We've decided to give you your memories back after all. Like it or not.
~ Janson decides to give the boys back their memories.
That's right, ladies and gents. You're about to get all your memories back. Every last one of them.
~ Janson's plans.
I don't care if I bleed to death, as long as I die after I get you back up there.
~ Janson's last words in the books.


Listen to me! I'm trying to save your lives! Thomas, the Maze was one thing, but you kids wouldn't last one day out in the Scorch. If the elements don't kill you, the Cranks will. Thomas, you have to believe me. I only want what's best for you.
~ Janson trying to reason with Thomas to prevent him from escaping.
Oh, they're not going anywhere. He didn't get what he really wanted.
~ Janson explaining that the train heist failed.
What about you, Thomas? How do YOU feel?! Don't you have enough blood on your hands already?! You might not have been able to shoot her. But I can.
~ Janson taunting Thomas as he threatens to kill Teresa in an attempt to lure Thomas out.
Okay. We can handle this. We just need to evacuate essential personnel, set up at another safe zone further north. We've still got twenty-eight Immunes right here inside this building. We can find more.
~ Janson after hearing that the Flare virus is now airborne.
Janson: You missed, little shit.
Thomas: Did I?
Janson: Oh shit…
~ Janson's last words before getting devoured by Cranks.


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