Janus Initiative. Where two faces meet.
~ The phone when one enters the abandoned Omni-Reach Travels travel agency in Arcadia.

The Janus Order is the secondary antagonistic faction of Trollhunters, the first arc of the Tales of Arcadia trilogy. They are a secret society of Changelings led by Otto Scaarbach and formerly by Stricklander, dedicated to freeing Gunmar and his horde of Gumm-Gumms from the Darklands so they can conquer the world.


The Janus Order was created by the Changelings, who made many bases around the world. They were guided by Morgana herself, who spoke to them and gave them advice through an ancient phonograph. It turns out that their headquarters is located in Arcadia-Oaks, five stories beneath the abandoned travel agency of Omni-Reach Travels. Originally, their headquarters were going to be beneath the museum where Killahead Bridge was kept but decided to move it beneath the abandoned travel agency due to secrecy concerns. After Gunmar was trapped in the Darklands with his Gumm-Gumm army, and trolls and humans started to live separately, his son, Bular, conspired with the Janus Order to release him so he could conquer the world.

When the Trollhunter's team enters the building, old phone calls and Claire says, "Where two faces meet", which transports them to the Janus Order's secret base. However, they are soon captured by the Otto and interrogated, eventually making a deal with him trading Vendel's staff with the ingredients for bringing AAARRRGGHH!!! back from stone. Once Gunmar is released from the Darklands along with Dictatious Maximus Galadrigal, a couple of Gumm-Gumms, and a few Blood Goblins, Morgana stops her communications with the Janus Order. When Gunmar saw no more use for them, he massacred them before heading his way to Trollmarket to make a new Gumm-Gumm army with the help of the treacherous Queen Usurna, as well as brainwashing Otto Scaarbach to disguise himself as Gunmar to distract the hero before Otto dies. However, the team is able to get to Trollmarket and evacuate as many trolls as possible, though Gunmar still brainwashes many of them into becoming Gumm-Gumms.

Eventually, the Janus Order's headquarters is completely abandoned, and Jim, Toby, and Claire come back with Aja and Krel as they show the two Akiridions around Arcadia while looking for Merlin's ingredients at the same time, claiming that it is a "teen hangout". Krel goes into the Janus Order's control room and starts playing music, but when Jim turns it off, a recording plays of Otto Scaarbach (disguised as Gunmar) battling the team. Krel turns it off, where the team claims that it is a movie.


  • "Janus" was originally the name of the Roman god of time, who is commonly portrayed as having two faces. This fits with the Changelings, whose two-faced nature is because of their ability to disguise themselves as people, even though they are trolls in their true forms.
  • It is unknown why the Changelings remain in their human disguises once they enter the Janus Order's headquarters, as there would be no need for them to do so because it is a secret location.


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