Word in the ether was you'd lost your memory.
~ Jarda as he talks to Jason Bourne.

Jarda was a minor antagonist of The Bourne Supremacy.

He was portrayed by Marton Csoaks.


Jarda was one of the assassins of Operation Treadstone before it was disbanded. He was walking back home when he found out that his house was broken into. Thinking that there might be a burglar in there, he whipped out his gun. The man who broke into the house was none other than Jason Bourne, who signals to him that his gun was emptied.

Bourne ties Jarda up and interrogates him about Treadstone, he replies that Treadstone was actually disbanded by Ward Abbott, the night after Alexander Conklin was killed. Jarda then tells Bourne that "we're the last two", indicating that both of them were part of Treadstone.

When his phone suddenly rings, Jarda rises from his chair that he was tied up to and attacks Bourne. He frees himself and engages in a fight with Bourne, grabbing his craving knife to try and stab him, but Bourne knocked his head into a nearby wall. This caused Jarda to drop his knife and he uses a electric power cord in an attempt to strangle Bourne, but Bourne overpowered him and he garroted Jarda to death with his own weapon. Jarda's house was set up as a surprise explosion for the backup sent to kill Bourne. The explosion either injured or killed them as well as destroying Jarda's body in the process.


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