Jared is a one-time villain in the Phineas and Ferb series, briefly appearing as the main antagonist of a movie that Candace Flynn and Stacy Hirano were watching in the episode "The Curse of Candace".

He was voiced by Stephen Moyer, who also played Bill Compton in True Blood.


In the movie theater that Candace and Stacy are watching, they see Jared (who happens to be a vampire) retreating to a castle while being pursued his former friend Kristen and a werewolf named Michael. In the castle, he eventually gets cornered by both Kristen and Michael.

It later turns out that both Jared and Michael were both in a love triangle with Kristen (who begs both of them not to fight to the death) and that Jared has been drinking the blood from those who had been close to him to maintain his life. As Jared reminds of the time he and Kristen used to love each other, Michael pulls out a purple curtain, exposing Jared to sunlight and leaving him to disintegrate into dust which gets blown away.


  • Jared's voice actor, Stephen Moyer was known for appearing in the series True Blood along with Anna Paquin (who provided the voice of Kristen in the episode).


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