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South Park - His Name is Jared

Jared Fogle is a villain appearing in the popular satire series, South Park, as is common for the show's dark and often shock humor he is based on a real life celebrity but has been exaggerated for the show, somewhat ironically the show actually parodied him as a pedophile before he was actually convicted in real life of underage dealings in 2015.


In Show

in the context of the show Jared originally tried to con the town into his weight loss scheme which he claimed was possible via a diet of Subway sandwiches, in reality he was cheating in his weight loss program by enlisting the help of assistants, who he refered to as "aides" (in-keeping with the dark comedy of the show).

in later appearances Jared became much darker as his pedophiliac nature was now used in typical South Park fashion as a recurring joke - with him being seen trying to kidnap and molest Syrian Refugee Children at the PC Delta fraternity house.

Fractured But Whole

Jared appears as a boss in the video-game "Fractured But Whole" and is considered to be the "one White prisoner" in anotherwise racist police department, held in captivity he is unleashed upon the New Kid and his team in order to distract them - it is revealed that Jared hasn't learned much from his imprisonment and throughout the boss battle tries to molest the group.

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