Jared Slim is a minor villain in TimeSplitters 2.



Jared Slim was a man who often cheated at cards game to earn money. Many times he costed his opponents more money than they gambled. At one point, his illegal methods were discovered and he was sent to jail.


Jared was sentenced to be executed for hustling. However, he rescued by a man known as the Colonel.


The Colonel offered Jared a chance to join his gang in exchange for Jared's service. Jared accepted the offer as a way to repay the Colonel for rescuing him.

Crime Spree

A few months later, the town of Little Prospect was overrun by Jared and the Colonel's gang. They imprisoned Ramona Sosa who was the town's deputy. Without her, they easily managed to cause crime without interference.


Ramona's friend, Elijah Jones, discovered about what happened and visited Little Prospect. He attempted to free Ramona and stop the outlaws including Jared.


Jared attempted to stop Elijah but he was killed instead.



The Colonel is Jared's boss. Jared serves him without questions or hesitation.

Mikey Two-guns

Mikey Two-guns and Jared Slim are rivals. They often try to see which one of them is tougher. Both of them are members of the Colonel's gang.

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