The Jark Sentai GoIndaver are a team of Invaders assembled to prevent the Kyurangers from going back in time and minor, one-shot antagonists in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.


Prior to the formation of the team, Dave Blue and Dave Yellow had encounters with the Kyurangers. Dave Blue was one of the Indavers on Jagjag whom were blown away by a deadly meteor shower from the Shishi System in episode one. Meanwhile, Dave Yellow was an Indaver on Earth who got knocked away by the enlarged Koguma Skyblue in episode 11.

Under the orders of Akyanba, the GoIndavers infiltrated the Orion to stop the Kyurangers' team of Stinger, Champ, Spada, Raptor 283, Shou Ronpo, and Tsurugi Ohtori from traveling the past and find out the of Don Armage's secret. However, they were quickly overwhelmed by an untransformed Champ, Spada, and Shou, before being finished off by Tsurugi with his Phoenix End attack as he transformed.


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