Jasley Donomikals is a major antagonist in Season 2 of Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS. He is the head of JPT Trust, a Teiwaz subsidiary, and the effective number two of Teiwaz who schemes to make himself leader.

He is voiced by Ryota Takeuchi in the original Japanese version and by D.C. Douglas in the English dub, the latter of whom also voices Albert Wesker in the Resident Evil franchise.


As McMurdo Barriston began thinking of making Naze Turbine, head of the Turbines, his new underboss, Jasley began scheming to remove his competition. Forging an alliance with Iok Kujan, who sought an ally within Teiwaz to counter McGillis' alliance with Tekkadan, Jasley gave Iok information on a Turbine transport that was smuggling an illegal Dainsleif weapon. Iok's forces intercepted the transport and captured the illegal weapon, giving them justification to declare the Turbines an illegal organization and forcing the Turbines to cut their ties with Teiwaz.

After Iok's attack on the Turbines resulted in the deaths of Naze Turbine and Amida Arca, Jasley arranged a hit on Lafter and used her death as an excuse to volunteer his men to protect the remaining the Turbine girls. McMurdo, Tekkadan and the Turbines saw right through his lies however, and the Turbines refused. Seeking revenge against Jasley, Tekkadan withdrew as a Teiwaz subsidiary to go after him.

Though Iok had agreed to help Jasley fight against Tekkadan as part of their deal, despite Tekkadan overpowering Jasley's fleet Iok's forces did not show. As Tekkadan closed in on Jasley's flagship, Jasley became desperate and contacted McMurdo for help, pleading with him to call off Tekkadan's acting. McMurdo refused and revealed that he had made a deal with Rustal Elion for Iok not to assist him in exchange for him not speaking up about the Turbine incident, before further stating that, as Tekkadan was no longer a Teiwaz subsidiary, he could not call them off. Out of desperation, Jasley calls Orga Itsuka and attempts to make a deal, offering to pay him to end the battle, but Orga tells Jasley he just wanted to hear him beg for his life. Mikazuki Augus then arrives at Jasley's ship and, as Jasley pathetically begs for his life, kills him on Orga's orders.


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