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Jason is a supporting character from the Cartoon Network original series, Craig of the Creek. He serves as the central antagonist of Season 1 and a supporting protagonist in the following series. He is a self-absorbed jerk who works as the leader of the Junior Forest Scouts. He is villainous for bullying kids and stealing things. He believes he's doing the right thing, when it's obvious he isn't.

He was voiced by Gunnar Sizemore.


Jason is an arrogant, entitled, egotistical brat, who thinks he's owed the world for being the leader of a worthless scouting organization. Jason feels as though he deserves to get everything for free because of his high rank as a Forest Scout and when he's denied free stuff, he steals it. Jason also has a bit of a God complex, thinking that he has the authority to tell other kids what to do. Jason bosses people around and thinks he's a hero for telling kids how to be safe when really he's just being obnoxious and rude.

Villainous Acts

  • His first role as a minor antagonist in the episode "You're It", where he knocked a bunch of kids' cards over and then squirted some other kids with a water gun.
  • His first role as the main antagonist was in the episode "Jessica Goes to the Creek", where Kit sold the last chocoroll to Craig, but Jason demanded that Craig give it to him, but Craig refused. Jason notices that Jessica was drinking some juice and plotted to steal it from her. Jason went to the stump with a water gun and attacked Craig, JP, Kelsey, Mortimer, and Jessica.
  • His second minor antagonist role in "The Brood", where Jason went to save Craig, JP, and Kelsey only out of an award of free ice cream, but when he hears that they weren't going to get the promised award for saving them immediately, he threw a fit and abandoned them. To add insult to injury, Jason and took a bunch of their belongings and left with them, while the trio was still helplessly trapped in the stump.
  • His second main antagonist role was in "Creek Cart Racers", where Jason dons an alias "Racer J" and raced against Craig and other creek kids in a high-speed kart race.
  • His third main antagonist role, "Jextra Perrestrial", Jason and his scout troops planned to kidnap JP and take him to the US government where they thought he was an alien.
  • His fourth main antagonist role, "The Great Fossil Rush", Jason was bossing a group of kids while they were busy digging for fossils. Jason and his scout troops also built a dam in the creek to keep looking for more fossils.
  • He was a cameo antagonist in "Tea Timer's Ball", where J.P. cheers up Craig when he finds out that Eliza's party wasn't a plot to get back at him and J.P. shows Craig his other enemies who still has vendetta against him including Jason, Big Red, and Turner.


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