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I will show you fear.
~ Jason to Leon and Shenmei.

Jason is the secondary antagonist of the first season in the 2021 Netflix animated series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

He is the former captain of the U.S. Army special forces team Mad Dogs and later becomes a federal agent after a traumatic incident that happened in Penamstan. He was in reality forced into the servitude of the corrupt and cruel Secretary of Defense, Wilson, who would only provide Jason with the medicine to halt his mutation if he did his bidding.

He was voiced by Ray Chase in the English dub and by Fumihiko Tachiki in the Japanese dub.


Early life

Not is known about Jason's background other than joining the U.S. Army and joined the special forces and reached the rank of Captain in 2000. He became the captain of a squad named Mad Dogs, who were involved in the U.S. intervention in the Penamstan civil war. During the operation, Squad Two helicopter was shot down and attacked by the insurgents. Jason and his squad ignored their orders from the command center and went to the crash site and tried to save any survivors. They find one of the soldiers named Jun See and has heavy injuries and drag him out of the helicopter, but they are attacked by the insurgents and retreated in a nearby building.

While they plan to stealthily make it back to base with Jun See, they see civilians attacking the insurgents. They break into the building and bitten the soldiers before being wiped out. Jun See tells Jason to use the "inhibitor" and inject it into him and the team from turning into zombies.

After returning to base with a turned Jun See sealed in a body-bag and talked about how they escaoed the city as it was destroyed by MK77s and thinking they interfered in a classified operation, Shenmei, a Warrant Officer serving as a radio operator, appears and tells them that they were being deliberately ignored when trapped in the city.

After the Mad Dogs files false reports about the incident, Shenmei used her family connections to smuggled her young brother Jun See out over the Chinese border escape euthanasia. Jason and Shenmei started to investigate Wilson while the rest of the Mad Dogs retired. Six years later, Jason and Shenmei discover a computer chip that was planted on Jun See when he was infected.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

When a top secret White House file was hacked, Leon S. Kennedy, Jason, Shenmei, and Patrick are invited to the White House to investigate the incident. The lights then went out and a hordes of zombies attacked the White House, forcing the agents and the SWAT TEAM to fight back and eliminate all of them. The next day after the attack, they discover that the file was connected to Biological Sciences in Shanghai.

Leon, Jason, and Shenmei go on a submarine to investigate the cause. While waiting to get there, Jason has nightmares about his time in Penamstan and taking a dose of inhibitors. Jason opens up to Leon about his days in the Army and teaches him about the true meaning of "terror". A virus is released onto the submarine and infects the rats, turning them into bioweapons and killing the crew. Jason and Shenmei make their way to the engine room and orders the engineers to close and lock all the doors before killing them and climbing into the escape pod with the self destruct sequence begins. Leon reaches to the pod and escapes with Jason Shenmei before the the submarine explodes.

The agents then travel to Shemei's safe house in Shanghai. When Leon confronts Jason about him and Shenmei killing the engine crew, the latter reveals his true motives about exposing Wilson's crimes and show true terror to the world of this outbreak to make sure that no more incident like in Penamstan won't happen again. Jason tries to convince Leon to join and Shemei in their mission, but the latter refuses and shoots and injures Jason and Shenmei fleeing from the scene.

After Claire Redfield is kidnapped and taken to a research facility beneath the air force base and Wilson tries offer her a deal to drop her investigation and he'll give her anything she wants and let her live, Jason arrives at the lab and Wilson congratulated him for faking his death and be more effective on personal operations. However, Jason betrays and bites Wilson, making the latter flee in terror knowing that now he is infected with the virus and has to take the Inhibitor for the rest of his live.

When Leon and Shenmei arrived to stop Jason, the latter is still on his plan to reveal himself to the world. As Leon attempts to stop Jason by shooting at him, Shemei tries to persuade him that he saved Jun See, but fails when Jason breaks Shenmei's arm and snaps her neck, killing her in the process. Meanwhile, Leon saves Claire from the acid, the latter uses the facility control panel to lower the platform that Jason was on. Leon uses a rocket launcher to make Jason fell but manages to hold on and throw a steel bridge to the control room to knock Claire out. Leon manages to blow Jason's right arm off, the latter chokes the former and asking him whether his actions is based on Duty or Revenge.

Refusing to answer, Jason throws Leon away, but giving the latter the chance to pull the lever that connects to their platform, resulting with Jason falling straight into the acid and impaled onto a steel beam. While dying, Jason tells Leon that he is now the carrier of the terror that he had envisioned and dying to his injuries and falling into the acid and dissolving what's left of him.


It starts with fear. Yeah. Humans. Humans fear the unknown. And there is nothing more unknowable than us. As a species... oh, we're unpredictable. We're cruel. Especially when we're trying to survive. Yeah. The Greeks said it best. "There is much to fear in this world... but nothing more so than humans."
~ Jason explaining the true meaning of "fear" to Leon.
Leon: Jason, stop!
Jason: I will show everyone what fear is. Then, then it will spread.
Leon: That won't change anything.
Jason: I will open their eyes to true terror. It's the only way to keep this tragedy from ever happening again.
Leon: No! It doesn't work that way.
Shenmei: Please. Don't.
Jason: You can't stop me.
~ Leon and Shenmei trying to reason with Jason.


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