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Jason Brody is the main protagonist and anti-hero of Far Cry 3. Although he is the main protagonist he displays extremely sadistic and sociopathic tendencies as the game progresses.


Jason was a daredevil before Far Cry 3: he enjoyed sports such as bungee jumping, parachuting and many others. He also enjoyed spending time with his friends and brothers: Oliver, Keith, Lisa, Grant, Daisy and Riley. Jason and his friends were partying in Bangkok, then the DJ (whom they knew) recommended they go to an Island nearby for other extreme sports.

Far Cry 3

After reaching the island and doing plenty of extreme sports, Jason and his friends are captured and are turned into slaves, however Jason's brother broke him out, but was killed during the escape. Afterwards Jason meets a man called Dennis who says he can help him get his friends back. A little while later, Dennis introduces Jason to Citra, a native who wants a warrior to be her husband. She meant well at first but as the game goes by her interest becomes obsessive where she starts to tell Jason to kill his own friends. After meeting Citra, Jason becomes a powerful warrior, but the more powerful he got the more insane he became. He starts becoming extremely homicidal as the story continues and becomes more sadistic and cruel as he becomes more powerful. The game ends with either Jason's ritualistic death at the hands of Citra if he chooses to murder his friends and stay with Citra or Citra's accidental death at the hands of Dennis if Jason chooses to saves his friends and leave the island in order to try and leave the violence behind.

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