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I'm telling you, it was Drake. You tell your men to up your game or there's gonna be a lot less of them around come payday.
~ Jason Dante
It's called style, Drake! You should try it once in a while, you with your sneakers, sheesh. You look like my Uncle Mikey.
~ Jason to Nathan Drake.

Jason Dante is an initial ally and the secondary antagonist of the 2011 video game Uncharted: Golden Abyss. He is an American treasure hunter and archaeologist, He is also long-time friend and associate of famed fortune hunter Nathan Drake

He was voiced by Jason Spisak, who also voiced Vulpes Inculta in Fallout: New Vegas, Silas in The Vampire Diaries, Silico and Packrat in the 2016 Powerpuff Girls series, Oswald Cobblepot in Telltale's Batman, Scorpion in Marvel's Spider-Man, Deag Ranak in Doom: Eternal, and Joker in Batman: Hush.


Dante contacted his old friend to help with a dig site in Panama. A fellow archaeologist, however, knew Dante was untrustworthy and secretly formed an alliance with a exiled Panamanian general named Roberto Guerro, who was upset with Dante for allowing Nate and Chase to wander in the jungles of Panama whom he later captured and took to his compound. 

When Chase escaped captivity and set the Guerro's compound on fire to act as a diversion to rescue Nate from a nearby warehouse. Dante pleaded with Guerro that his partnership with Nathan Drake and Chase was a complete misunderstanding. The General gave Dante a second chance, in which he could redeem himself. Dante then found Natan and Chase as they were about to escape the Guerro's compound with the golden amulet Chase was keeping from Dante. Marisa furiously pushed Dante into a river who was later recovered by Guerro and his soldiers. 

A week later, Dante and Guerro followed Nate and Marisa to an underground chamber near Chase's Grandfathers house. Inside the chamber, Dante found Nate and Chase and insulted Guerro without realizing that Guerro actually overheard him. Guerro abandoned Dante with Nate in the chamber while he took Chase as his prisoner. Dante and Drake reluctantly worked together to escape the chamber. Once outside, they witness Guerro and his men escape in trucks with Chase. Dante vows to hire an army of mercenaries to take on Guerro and his army so he can claim the gold treasure of Quivira for himself. 

Drake holding Dante at gunpoint after escaping Guerro's compound.

Several days later, Dante lead his hired army of mercenaries into the Panamainian jungles to assault Guerro's soldiers. As they battled, Dante and his mercenaries reached the cavern leading to Quivira. Both Dante and his men knew that Guerro's men and resources were thinning quickly. Dante reached the treasure vault containing the gold, already knowing that the gold was radioactive. Despite this, he still planned to sell the gold on the black market. Nate and Dante fought with Nate eventually defeating Dante. Nate and Chase left the injured Dante behind to

Dante about to succumb to his wounds after his battle with Drake.

 die in the cavern as he yelled at Nate for always leaving empty handed. Chase detonated the explosives that Guerro's men had set up earlier around the cavern, causing the place to cave in, killing Dante in the process. 


Jason Dante is a sly, ego-maniacal thief, Dante is an extremely arrogant man and is very callous towards people, normally using them for his own advantage or as his personal expendable pawns. Aside from this he expects people to behave exactly he does, showing his cynical colors.  


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