Jason McCann was a serial bomber who appeared in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'seleventh season.

He was portrayed by Justin Bieber.


When he was young, he was adopted by a man named Ralph Harvey. He and his brother soon began to follow his ideas about a corrupt government. He was trying to convince them as well as his fellow members to change the system. However, he was later arrested for driving a car without a license. The boys later grew to hate police officers, and sought revenge.

Modus Operandi

He used dead bodies as bait to lure people to where the explosives are located, and then he hits the trigger.


While the cops form a roadblock to prevent McCann from escaping to California with Johnston, McCann starts to take advantage of this by telling the cops that Johnston had a bomb strapped to his body. While confusion results, Jason shoots one of the police officers and, in retaliation, they shoot him down in a storm of bullets.


  • Jason McCann's death scene has become a popular meme for the death of his actor, Justin Bieber.