Lana, this isn't some bad dream that you can just blink away. This is real life.
~ Jason to Lana.

Jason Teague was one of the main antagonists in the fourth season of the WB series Smallville. He was a student at Central Kansas A&M and former assistant football coach at Smallville High Crows football team. Jason was the ex-boyfriend of Lana Lang and the son of Genevieve Teague, a member of a group known as the Veritas.

He was portrayed by Jensen Ackles, who portrays Dean Winchester in CW's Supernatural, Tom Hanniger in My Bloody Valentine, voiced Jason Todd in Batman: Under the Red Hood and will portray Soldier Boy in The Boys.


Jason grew up in a rich society with his parents and always wanted to leave his parents' shadow. Jason decided to play football instead of studying law like his father Edward Teague wanted, and moved to Smallville to be with Lana, which his mother didn't approve of and was cut off. Jason wanted to be independent and live his own life with Lana. Jason even had a sense of humor to the point he would joke in serious situations, which would annoy Lana.

Jason also seemed jealous whenever Clark Kent entered the middle of his relationship with Lana. Interestingly enough, even though he wanted to get away from the Teagues, he still had a family sense of loyalty and even pointed out how betrayal ran in the Luthor bloodline. Jason helped his mother Genevieve search for the Stones of Power by helping her murder Bridgette Crosby and kidnapping the Luthors. Jason even treated Lex horribly, and Genevieve kept motivating him to use his more sinister personality by using the idea of Clark and Lana being together.


Jason had dirty blond hair and green eyes. Jason started to wear the traditional clothing of football coaches and be seen wearing a red shirt, jacket, and anything with the same color. After being fired, he started wearing dark clothing.


Jason had a loving relationship throughout his time in Smallville with Lana Lang after the pair met in Paris, France. Jason and Lana celebrated their anniversary in Paris where he takes Lana to the tomb of Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux and when she touches a symbol on the tomb the Mark of Transference appears on her lower back. Lana later wakes up to Jason banging on her door. When Lana returned to Smallville, Jason follows and shows up at the Talon. Jason became Smallville High's school assistant football coach. Lana and Jason kiss in his new office and later meets him in the old drama room. Jason stays with Lana at the hospital and while she's unconscious Lex visits. Lana tells Jason that her whole ordeal makes her wonder if he only likes her for her looks. Jason assures her that he loves her for her personality.

After treating Jason's wounds, Lana laments that she's never been happier in their relationship and wishes they didn't have to sneak around, but Jason reiterates that he really needs his job, so they have to continue keeping it a secret. Jason and Lana kiss at school and Jason asks Lana to come to practice because he just "wants to see her." Later Jason discovers Lana's tattoo, but when he asks her about it, she avoids the questions. Lana takes Jason to the Kawatche Caves, where he notices the symbols on the walls are identical to her tattoo. She explains that this is the reason she abruptly left Paris and Jason promises to support her as she figures it out. Lana and Jason are in his office discussing Isobel Thoreaux and Clark walks by and bursts in on them kissing. He makes rude remarks about their relationship, shocking Jason again and angering Lana. The couple discuss Clark's possible drug use and Lana says that Jason doesn't have to worry about her leaving him for Clark because she is serious about them.

He was later fired when Lex Luthor revealed his relationship with Lana to Principal Gibbons. Jason was with Lana in her apartment when she was possessed Isobel Thoreaux. Jason went to Chloe's surprise party and was hostile to Clark who he believed told Kwan and cost his his coaching job. He later confronts Isobel and she throws him out the window.

Jason helped his mother Genevieve Teague to locate the three Kryptonian stones that when united form a single crystal that would create Clark Kent's Fortress of Solitude. Jason and Genevieve kidnapped Lex and Lionel Luthor to discover the location of the stones and Lionel claimed that Lana had one of them. Genevieve confronted Lana and the two women started to fight until Genevieve was murdered by Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux's hand through Lana who possessed her.

Lex and Lionel managed to get loose and tried to escape. Jason chased the two of them into the woods. However, Lex trapped him on a cliff over a river and just as Jason was about to reveal Clark's secret to him, he fell off the cliff after getting shot by Lionel.

Unable to find his mother, Jason headed to the Kent Farm since he believed Clark had the secret of the Stones and held Clark's foster parents hostage. However, a destructive meteor shower started, with one crashing through the Kent House directly above where he was standing, which killed him.


  • Jason and his mother remain the only antagonists to not be aware of Clark's alien heritage.
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