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I'm the guy you want on your side. I can protect you. Batman's gone! I retired him. Check the sky every night, no more Bat signals, the nightmare is over, any problems with cops or other masks, I take care of it from now on. It'll cost you forty percent of what you make and trust me, you're about to make a lot more. Any questions?
~ Red Hood to some gangsters.
In living color. I got a new name now though, you'll be hearing it a lot around here. Red Hood.
~ Jason Todd/Red Hood to Nightwing.
The city owes us a lot and I'm gonna collect the bill.
~ Red Hood to Molly.

Jason Todd, also known as Red Hood and formerly Robin, is a major antagonist in the TV series Titans. He is a supporting protagonist in Seasons 1 and 2 of the series before becoming the secondary antagonist in Season 3.

Jason is a brutal vigilante who was the former second Robin, thus making him the second partner of Batman. At the request of Bruce, he was taken under the care of Dick Grayson and became an official Titans affiliate. However, after the incident with Deathstroke, Jason turned his back on the group and was seemingly murdered by the Joker. Later on, however, he resurfaced as the murderous and vengeful criminal known as Red Hood.

He is portrayed by Curran Walters.


Early life

Jason was born to Willis and Catherine Todd, who neglected him and left him with his uncle Ray. His mother later overdosed and father was murdered by Two-Face. His uncle frequently took him to bars, but his drunken antics got them kicked out on multiple occasions. Some time later, Ray overdosed, leaving Jason alone to fend for himself. In and out of foster homes, Jason began stealing to survive. One day, he tried to steal the hub caps off the Batmobile. Sensing in the boy a kindred spirit, Batman took Jason under his wing and trained him to become the second Robin.

Helping Dick Grayson

After Dick Grayson left Gotham City, Batman sent Jason to warn him that members of Haly's Circus were being murdered. When Jason located Dick, he was ambushed by soldiers from the mysterious Organization. Jason assisted Dick by taking down six armed soldiers before helping Dick carry the body of Dr. Adamson to his car. While Jason expressed his passion for being the new Robin they headed to a safe house. Before Dick could depart, Jason explained his true reason for being there, giving him files and autopsy reports that informed him of the death of his circus friends. Shortly afterward, they were joined by Dick's friends, and he met Kory Anders, Rachel Roth, and Gar Logan for the first time.

Finding the location of the remaining circus survivor, Clayton Williams, Jason and Dick headed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where they attempted to enter a bar in which Clayton worked. Although Dick was allowed inside, the bouncer automatically recognized Jason's ID as a fake and denied him entry. Despite being told to wait outside, Jason headed around the back and waited by the back door, sneaking in when someone exited to dispose of trash. As he entered, he flirted with some women and headed for the bar. He grabbed a stranger's drink and flirted with her, offering to buy her a new drink. However, her boyfriend took issue, causing Jason to pick a fight with him. Before it could escalate, Dick intervened and there was an explosion that stunned everyone in the location. They exited the bar, where Dick received a call from Nick Zucco, revealing himself as the serial killer responsible for the deaths of the circus mates. Before Dick departed to rescue a now kidnapped Clayton, Jason was given a brief speech on why he should not be Robin.

Despite this, Jason followed Dick anyhow and intervened in a fight between Dick and Zucco. Shot by an acid bullet, Jason made a remarkable recovery thanks to his suit's durable properties. Zucco was defeated, and the police promptly arrived at the scene. Responding to reports of gunshots, they were brutally beaten down by Jason. After severely attacking them, Jason was pulled aside by Dick, who took serious issue with his extreme violence, but Jason brushed it off and left.

Becoming a Titan

With Bruce out of the mansion, Jason chose to entertain himself by riding his motorbike indoors. He was interrupted by Dawn Granger and Hank Hall, who asked for his help to save Rachel and company. Once they arrived at the house, they met Donna Troy and Kory Anders there, who informed them about Rachel, her demonic father Trigon, and his plans to take over the world. Once inside the home, Jason was automatically taken into an illusion, in which Dick killed Batman. Enraged at the act, he and Dick battled it out. As a last resort, he grabbed a loaded, nearby gun, the same one that murdered Bruce's parents, and shot him straight through the head. This caused Jason to be instantly consumed by darkness and fall succumb Trigon's agenda. Possessed alongside the others, including Dick Grayson, Jason was controlled to attack Gar. Ultimately, Rachel managed to defeat Trigon, causing all of the Titans to snap out of their possessed states. Bidding farewell to the others, Jason, along with Dick, Gar, and Rachel headed to parts unknown. They made a quick stop at Bruce Wayne's, where Bruce allowed them use of a Titans Tower so long as they took Jason. Arriving in San Francisco, they acquainted themselves with the old Titans' base of operations.

Living in Titans Tower for the next three months, the newly-formed team began training tirelessly. Using Dick's suggestion of a blindfold, Jason and Gar sparred. However, Jason became annoyed when Gar hit him, leading to Dick stressing the importance of the exercise. That night, the team converged in the living room as helicopters flew past the tower. Turning on the news, they saw reports of a girl named Rose Wilson fleeing from police. With Jason impressed with her skills, Dick went to retrieve her, bringing her unconscious body to the tower to recuperate. Meanwhile, Jason highlighted how they did not know if they could trust her. Wanting to find out who she was, Jason and Gar took her old bandage and analyzed the blood, finding her identity to be that of Rose Wilson, the daughter of Deathstroke.

After spending long periods time in the Tower, Jason and the others continue to adjust to their new home. Jason grows frustrated and impatient in being left out of the fight. He, like the others, try interacting with the newcomer, Rose. After the Titans return from their latest mission against Doctor Light, Jason confronts Dick over their failure, and how they could take him out. Jason gets angry and tries hitting him, but is knocked down in one move. After Doctor Light evades the Titans again, Jason rebels and takes Gar with him to search for Doctor Light by themselves. They both take to the underground sewers. When Jason encounters Doctor Light, he recalls Dick's training and beats him down, only to face Deathstroke, who later kidnaps him.

Jason is held captive by Deathstroke and blindfolded, while being questioned by his captor on being a Titans member, stating that he was being used, like his friends, by Grayson, and will eventually be killed for his ends. Deathstroke later contacts the Titans, stating Jason will be released in exchange for Rose, and he mislead them using Jason's removed tracker. After the Titans arrive, Dick secretly meets with Deathstroke to trade himself for Jason, but he is unmoved, revealing Jason being bound to a set of explosives. Kory comes in, but they fail to prevent the explosives' activation, sending Jason falling.

Jason is unexpectedly saved by Conner mid-fall, who swiftly lands on a car, saving him. Amidst the house, the Titans find several objects implanted in their rooms which bring painful memories, which Jason is accused of, which impacts Jason further after he is dealing over the trauma of the fall. He later trains for stress relief, which Dick confronts him on, and Jason snaps at him. After Jason is feeling the impact of his trauma and the scorn he's facing, Jason contemplates suicide and goes up on the roof to jump, Dick meets him and consoles him over his trauma, and confesses his part of recent events unfolding, saying he's at fault on it, due to his past actions.

Leaving the Titans

After Jason decides he has to leave the Titans, he grows closer to Rose after taking her to his old school and also uncovers her secret after she gets out of Deathstroke's plan, which causes them to become estranged.

After the Titans defeat Deathstroke, Jason decides to leave by himself, and Rachel leaves as well with Donna to Themyscira to resurrect her, and the others form a new team of Titans.

Jason returns to Gotham City, where he begins experiencing nightmares. After one such nightmare, a concerned Bruce awakens him and asks if he's okay before suggesting an old friend of his, Dr. Leslie Thompkins. He goes to visit the Scarecrow in Arkham Asylum. He attempts to pose as a member of GCPD, though Crane sees through it.

Death of Robin

To be added

Becoming Red Hood

To be added


Dove: You're an a**hole, Jason.
Jason: Yeah, well, we all get there eventually.
~ Dove and Jason.

Jason is a young man who has a lot of duality to him. Jason has a lot of unresolved anger due to his upbringing and years of familial neglect, therefore, he can be violent and impulsive. He takes amusement in provoking fights and, as shown when fighting cops, has an unrelenting technique to his fighting style. He has a short temper and can sometimes insult people whenever he feels offended or belittled. He does not like being bossed around or told what is best for him, especially if he feels strongly opposed to it. As seen with his interactions with Dick, he is either willing to rebel or disobey orders and do as he sees fit.

Jason has expressed on more than one occasion how much he looked up to Robin as a child. Although he has a lot of respect for his role as Robin, he has some skewed beliefs about the responsibility and sacrifice that comes with it. For instance, Jason loves being Robin, thinking of it as the best job in the world, and believes that Robin has to be a distraction for Batman's enemies. However, he also has the questionable notion that being Robin means he can do whatever he wants, even if it means assaulting people he has issues with.

He can show a playful side, being charismatic and flirtatious. He has flirted before, notably with Dawn. However, he gets a kick out of openly doing it in front of other women's significant others. Overall, he is a thrill-seeker and often has questionable motives when appearing to show a different side to him.

Despite that, he truly feels a responsibility for keeping people safe against enemies who he believes may harm and endanger the public, including his allies. There are times where his pride can get the best of him and get him into trouble. Unfortunately, because of this trait, he once went against orders, allowing himself to become abducted and experience a near-death experience that ultimately traumatized him. After this experience, despite his arrogant behavior, he has revealed to have his limits. He has gotten emotional over numerous false accusations and even contemplated suicide.

After becoming Red Hood, Jason's anger and reckless behavior were taken to their upmost murderous extremes. He became more brutal, sadistic, manipulative, and spiteful in his demeanor. He even went far as to involve civilians in his plans and applied to Hank's empathy in order to plant a bomb into him all for the sake of revenge against the Titans.


  • Peak physical condition: Due to his training with Batman, Jason Todd's body is at the pinnacle of the human condition. He has displayed peak human strength, speed, stamina, agility, and reflexes because of his extensive training. His conditioning allows him to recover from most injuries very quickly, though not superhuman.
    • Master acrobat: Since becoming Robin, Jason has developed free-running skills and could drop from a height of several feet without injuring himself. His skills allow him to fluidly dodge and attack from different directions without losing balance.
    • Honed senses: Jason has sharp hearing and sight, as well as keen skills of perception. He can pick up an incoming danger and react extremely quickly; for example, he was able to react instantly to Gar and Rachel's attacks during their training. He was also able to quickly dodge several of Arthur Light's blasts.
  • Master combatant: Jason possesses impressive and prodigious fighting skills, as he was able to take down several armed soldiers and police officers on his own. His combat style is very brutal, by him using more extreme methods, compared to Bruce and Dick, to incapacitate enemies. His rage and sadism make him potentially more violent vigilante than Dick Grayson. Jason is also skilled enough to overcome Gar and Rachel during their workouts and was also able to subdue Arthur Light twice, choking him out with just his legs the second time. However, Jason was unable to handle far more experienced fighters such as Dick Grayson or even Slade Wilson. After becoming Red Hood, Jason was able to fight on near equal grounds with Dick Grayson as Nightwing. His fighting style seems to be comprised of Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Krav Maga, Jiujitsu, Kali, and Pro Wrestling.
    • Master marksman: Jason has impressive marksmanship and has demonstrated this ability when he shot Dick point-blank in the head with a gun, albeit he did this in a fake reality. After becoming Red Hood, Jason's firearms skills were upped to near mastery of them. He could even uses his handguns in close quarters combat.
    • Master knife wielder: Jason is highly skilled at using a knife in combat. This is seen during his first fight with Nightwing where kept him on the defensive back foot with a series of quick slashes and stabs.
    • Expert swordsman: Jason is seen to have impressive swordsmanship. As he was able to nearly surpass Gar Logan with a wooden sword, he can combine his martial arts to improve his swordsmanship.
  • Master tactician: Jason is a highly skilled planner. He was able to use gangsters to commit heists and bombings around Gotham and set up plans to frame the Titans as criminals by putting bomb on Hank Hall to blackmail them into robbing a van. He later manipulated Dove into activating Hank's bomb by disguising the detonator as a gun and trick her into killing him in order to save Hank.
    • Skilled detective: Jason developed some skills as a detective under Bruce's wing, as he helped Gar locate Arthur Light by having him search for heat sensors in underground tunnels.
    • Skilled chemist: Jason has some skill in chemistry when he reverse engineered Fear Gas to have the opposite effect.
  • Stealth: Jason is skilled in stealth due to his training as Robin.
  • Skilled driver: Jason has driving skills, as he has mentioned that he's capable of driving the Batmobile. He's also capable of riding a motorcycle.


  • Red Hood Suit: Jason wears a full body armor suit when operating as Red Hood. It came with a metallic red helmet with a voice modulator to disguise his voice and a belt to holster his weapons and contains most of his other gadgets. He also sometimes wears a hooded leather jacket.
  • Twin WE Hi-Capa 5.2 K: Jason carries twin semi-auto handguns as his primary sidearms. They come equipped with tactical flashlight attachments with red neon strips. He most notably used it to headshot a gangster during a meeting and to ward off Nightwing to escape from their first fight. He later used them inclose quarters combat during his second fight with Nightwing.
  • CSI STAR XR5: Jason sometimes carries this assault rifle as his primary firearm of choice which he used during both of his fights against Nightwing. It comes equipped with a scope and a tactical flashlight attachment.
  • CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1: Jason used this sub-machine gun to take out serval of the crime bosses's henchmen when setting them up with a meeting.
  • Combat knife: Jason has a combat knife holstered on the left side of his belt which he uses as his main weapon in close quarters combat.
  • Smoke grenades: As both Robin and Red Hood, Jason carries several smoke grenades to cover his ambushes and escapes.
  • Flash-bang Device: Red hood threw and shot a flash bang like device to stun Nightwing during their second fight to gain the advantage.
  • Grappling Device: As Robin and Red hood, Jason uses a grappling device to repels him across surfaces. He used a modified one to string a thug up while allowing him to descend from the catwalk.



  • Willis Todd † - Father
  • Catherine Todd † - Mother
  • Ray † - Uncle


  • Molly Jensen - Best Friend
  • Bruce Wayne/Batman - Mentor and Former Partner
  • Clayton Williams
  • Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing - Former Leader, Attempted Victim, and Former Enemy
  • Gar Logan/Beast Boy - Former Enemy
  • Donna Troy/Wonder Girl † - Respected Hero, Friend, and Former Enemy
  • Leslie Thompkins - Former Therapist
  • Frank - Landlord
  • Diego Martinez - Rescuee
  • Red Hood Gang - Subordinates
    • Valeska Nox †
    • Telly Rupp
    • Rafelson Roberts
    • Santiago Perez
  • Tim Drake


  • Two-Face
  • Mad Hatter
  • Nick Zucco/Melting Man
  • Milwaukee Police Department
  • Trigon † - Enthraller
  • Angela Azarath
  • Rose Wilson/Ravager - Former Love Interest and Manipulator
  • Dr. Arthur Light
  • Slade Wilson/Deathstroke † - Captor and Attempted Killer
  • Titans - Former Teammates
    • Koriand'r/Kory Anders/Starfire
    • Hank Hall/Hawk † - Victim
    • Dawn Ganger/Dove - Attempted Killer
    • Rachel Roth/Raven - Attempted Killer
    • Conner/Superboy - Savior and Former Friend
    • Krypto
  • Gotham City Police Department
    • Barbara Gordon
    • Margarita Vee
  • Pete Hawkins † - Victim
  • Joker † - Target and Killer
  • Jimmy † - Victim
  • Ann Williams † - Indirect Victim
  • Cyrus Beake † - Resurrector and Victim
  • Lady Vic
  • Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow - Mentor, Mainpluator, turned Attempted Killer


Open it! (...) Open the bag! (...) The bag. All your number twos are in there.
~ Red Hood reveals himself to gangsters with the heads of their lieutenants
Red Hood: What took you so long?
Nightwing: Got here as soon as I could.
Red Hood: Thought I was gonna have to hire a sky rider. Nice work on the chess crew though.
Nightwing: Wasn't me. I have my team working on it. Looks like you had a team too.
Red Hood: They were expendable. Just like the Titans!
Nightwing: Who are you?
Red Hood: The one who run when you let them down. Gotham... it's mine now.
~ Red Hood and Nightwing at the start of their first fight
Oh come on, man, you know the tune. Outgunned and outmanned, just throw in the towel and I promise I'll be gentle.
~ Red Hood searching for a hiding Nightwing
Bruce did always told me you were better than me with the toys.
~ Jason revealing his identity to Nightwing after his mask is damaged
Good to see ya, Hank.
~ Red Hood before knocking hank Hall unconscious
Dick Grayson: I could wire that right now and it would all be over.
Jason Todd: And rob Gotham of a good show, circus boy?
~ Jason refusing negations with Dick over Hank's life.
I'm sure Hank will be proud.
~ Jason to Dove after she hijacked a gold van to save Hank
Jason: I've got the deactivator as promised, it engages as soon as my thumb releases the trigger. You wanna save Hank? (takes off helmet) all you have to do is kill me.
Dove: What happened to you?
Jason: Same thing that happens to everybody, I grew up. You can too, you just have to face your fear, Batman did it it's easier than you think. Just pull the trigger and you'll be free!
Dove: You're an a**hole, Jason.
Jason: Yeah, well, we all get there eventually. Oh, Hank's gonna blow soon. So whose it going to be, babe? Me or Hank?
~ Jason presents Dove with an ultimatum
Who invited that guy?
~ Jason after Nightwing appears to stop Dove
Nightwing: If you do this, he wins. You won't save Hank, he's lying.
Jason Todd: Hey, Bat Boy, she's as grown a** woman, let her make her own decision!
~ Jason to Nightwing trying to stop Dove
Oops! My bad. Looks like I gave you the detonator.
~ Jason reveals his trap to Dove
Wow, classic moves. You're even fighting like Bats, huh?
~ Red Hood taunting Nightwing during their second fight
Nightwing: You told Crane everything. Everything! This ends here.
Red Hood: What did you think was going to happen? After what you did to me? After what you let happen?!
Nightwing: This isn't on me, you made your own choices!
Red Hood: But you made yours? Come, dude, you're just like the old man. A copy. Everything you do, everything you did is because of him. But not for long.
~ Red Hood and Nightwing during their battle.



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