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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Jason Wynn from the HBO series. The mainstream version can be found here: Jason Wynn.

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You thought you could kill me. Your buddy Simmons thought he could f-ck with me and I burned him alive! But I'm not going to kill you. You don't die unless I let you. You don't go mad unless I allowed. Don't is going to be the only thing you think about every moment of your life. Until you look like one of these living corpses.
~ Jason Wynn to Terry.

Jason Wynn is the main antagonist of the 1997 HBO Series Todd Mcfarlane's Spawn. He is the head of the CIA and the mastermind behind Al Simmons' murder.

He was voiced by John Rafter Lee.


Wynn appears as a tall man with slick black hair and a goatee chinstrap beard. He also always seen wearing a business suit in most of his appearances. By the end of the third season, after he lost control of the Central Intelligence Agency, he wears a leather jacket and blue jeans and grew his hair out into a mullet.


Much like his comic counterpart, Wynn is a ruthless, cunning, and diabolical mastermind. But has also shown to be a highly intelligent, manipulative, and charismatic man who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Overall, Wynn only thinks of himself and sees everybody else as disposable tools for him to use in order to achieve his own goals.


Early life

Not much known about Wynn's early life. But he paid his way to the top and sell illegal weapons to terrorists to aid in their wars.

Season 1

Wynn is first seen talking to Tony Twist on the phone about how three of his hitmen were killed. Tony accuses Wynn of this since the kill was to clean. As he hangs up the phone, Wynn calls to Senator Scott McMillan that the informant has been taken care of. McMillan tells him he will receive unlimited funding for his service.

At night, Wynn had McMillan brought to the Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters and tells to run for president by threatening his family and his son Billy Kincaid.

At the strip club, Chapel gets a call from Wynn and tells him about the job tomorrow.

At Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters, Wynn talks to Terry Fitzgerald about the man who broke into their weapons facility. Terry says he notices something that is internal corruption within the agency. Wynn tells Terry to stay on the case and dismisses him.

In Twist's home, Chapel kills the women that Twist was sleeping with and Wynn walks in and said he didn't want any witnesses. Wynn wants him to find Spawn and in exchange, he will help protect him from Rome. Wynn gives Twist a package with a head with a note stating that Rome is not happy.

After McMillan gives a speech for the presidency, he receives a call from Wynn who tells him that his recent bill is written wrong and inhibits his goals. While Wynn continues to retrieve the stolen weapons, he suddenly gets a call from McMillan who worried that someone is hacking his files. Wynn suspects Wanda Blake and Max Kivala. Later, Wynn calls Twist to found the man in the red cloak in the alleys and orders Chapel to kill Spawn once Twist finds him.

McMillan is taken and dropped off at the wharf where a helicopter files in. Wynn and Chapel step out of the helicopter and tells McMillan that his son is gone another rampage and messing with his plans. Wynn asks him if he sent Billy to kidnap Cyan, McMillan tells him he's innocent. Wynn walks off and knows there's some else and needs to figure out who it is.

Season 2

After Wynn finishes a phone call selling guns to both sides of a war, Chapel laughs how Wynn is the only one to himself and questions his orders. Wynn tells Chapel that the fragments of his guns were found in Bowery Alleyways and orders him to get them off the streets as they can be traced back to him.

At Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters, Terry continues to investigating Wynn's weapons shipments. Terry realizes that some of the shipments never arrived at their destination. An alarm goes off on Wynn's computer informing him that Terry is on to him.

Wynn monitors Terry and orders Merrick to send Leon and the Russian hillbilly to kill Terry. Later, Wynn gets a call from Chief Banks that he's been picked up. Wynn agrees to come to pick him up and ends the call.

Wynn goes to Terry's home and talks to Wanda that her husband is a traitor to the company and shows her evidence of him at the warehouse.

Wynn and Merrick discuss finding Terry and decided to go after Wanda to see they can find him through her. In a bar, Wanda asks Wynn if Terry is being charged with a crime. He informs her that he'll do anything in his power to help her finding Terry. After receiving a call from Terry, Wanda excuses herself and leaves the bar, while being followed by Wynn's men, who are then killed by Spawn.

While talking with Merrick about the fallout from the recent attack, Wynn gets a call from Chief Banks that he pulled Wanda in for questioning. He orders Banks to release Wanda and continue his search for Terry. Wynn calls Wanda and informs her that he'll have some of his men outside her house to help protect her and Cyan. Spawn breaks in and thinks whether to tell Wanda the truth or not, one of Wynn's men tries to shoot Wanda, but was disabled and killed by Spawn.

Back at the agency, Wynn detects someone in the shadows and holds his gun. Spawn appears and threatens Wynn to leave Terry and his family alone before vanishing. Coming back to his senses, Wynn thinks he was dreaming about the experience.

While Wynn was watching the news report about his stolen weapons, Clown appears on the TV screen. Merrick walks in and Wynn asks her if she sees anything on TV, but denies it.

At dinner, Wynn tells Merrick about Spawn, feeling that there's a familiarity with the visions he's been having. He gets a call from the police that there is a press member named Lisa Wu who is digging around the office. At the agency, Spawn attacks Wynn. Once he has Wynn, Cogliostro warns him that if he kills Wynn, he'll come back as powerful as he is right now. Spawn lets Wynn live and threatens him to leave Terry and his family alone. After calling Chief Banks, the Clown appears and tells him its time for them to talk, making his partnership with Wynn.

Season 3

Wynn calls Chief Banks about one of his officers, Twitch Williams wrote a report about the cop that was killed in the alleys, describing the dying man's last words "red cloak". Wynn orders Banks to find the man in the red cloak whilst grabbing a Dalmatian puppy and drops it in the fish tank that was filled with piranhas.

Back at his office, Wynn calls Chief Banks about failing to kill Twitch. Banks informs Wynn that Spawn told Twitch about the latter. Trying to call the vice president, Wynn gets a call from Clown informing about Terry and Richard Sullivan's meeting, the vice-chairman of the NSC, who's been trying to catch Wynn. When his secretary Jude informs Wynn about Chief Banks trying to call him and the New York Times wanting a statement from him, Wynn orders her to have a car waiting for him. After eventually losing his control of the company, Wynn leaves the office right as the police arrived to arrest him.

Wynn arrives at an unknown location somewhere in China Town. He tries to get information from Major Forsberg, who was locked up as a prisoner. Later, he enters in an underground place meeting his associate, Gen Soon. While talking about getting Hong Kong back from the Chinese by giving them access to US military technology, Wynn asks Gen for help, Gen offers him his best men whenever. But as soon Wynn tells about Genghis Khan's mask and Zhang Lao, Gen shows fear and warns Wynn about Zhang Lao saying he is a witch. After their meeting, Gen orders his two best men to take Wynn to meet Zhang Lao.

While going to meet Zhang Lao, Terry disguises himself as a homeless man and tries to kill Wynn, but ultimately fails when Wynn and his bodyguards noticed him and took him as a prisoner and planned to torture and kill the former.

Arriving at Zhang Lao's shop, the bodyguards threaten Lao, who killed them by ripping out one guard's heart and using his telekinesis to snap the guard's neck. Wynn sees and takes the mask and wears it to posses him the power of hell. However, Wynn did not possess the wisdom to control the War Mask. Once he puts it on, the mask burned and scorched his face.

Wynn returned to the imprisonment to torture Terry and plans to sell Wanda to the "whore houses" in Thailand. When Wynn begins to torture Terry, Spawn revealed himself and breaks Wynn's right hand. Wynn flees from the shootout, presumably making his escape.





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