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Villain Overview

You fight like little girls. If I were an enemy you'd be dead meat.
~ Jason Wynn
I've always been amazed how relaxed you are about destroying people.
~ Spawn to Jason Wynn.

Jason Broderick Wynn is a major antagonist of the Spawn franchise. He is a crime lord and businessman that serves as the director of United States Security Group, an agency affiliated with the United States government. He is one of Spawns archenemies.

He is known for being the one that was directly responsible for the death of Al Simmons, which in turn led to him becoming the Hellspawn known as Spawn. It was revealed that he made a deal with Malebolgia for Al's soul in exchange for a piece of hell. He was also the first host of the Redeemer. He would eventually lose his reputation thanks to Simmons and later on his life at the hands of Jim Downing. He later returns as Disruptor with new powers.


Jason Wynn's evil grin.

According to Wynn, twenty-three years ago, he was once a regular government employee who just wanted to keep his country safe. But one day, he got involved with Heaven's agents tried to use him to secure portals from Heaven by using American resources and lying against the Soviet Union before building them a supersoldier against Hell's army. After finding out both Heaven and Hell were both controlling and corrupting human souls, he became malicious and egotistical to secure enough power base for himself for protection from the armageddon.

Wynn made a deal with Malebolgia in which he traded the soul of Simmons in exchange for psychoplasm. The sample that he obtained was combined with Simmons' memories and transformed into a training ground made up of building of his past known as "Simonsville". Simonsville was destroyed by Spawn and Wynn was defeated, having his memory wiped and was returned to Earth two days after his disappearance.

After this, he would work on and off with the Clown to bring about the end of Spawn. When Mammon restored the Clown's existence on Earth and gave him a pass to take a new body, he chose Wynn and became a dominant role in his psyche. He then went on a killing spree in his spare time, murdering women who resembled Wanda Blake. Wynn was caught in the act, and in the Clown's face paint at a construction site. Spawn then saved the women and defeated Wynn. The Clown then let Wynn let go of the steel girder he was clinging to and fall to his death, allowing him to take full possession of his body.

Wynn then reappeared in issues 167-168, having been separated from the Clown after the white light event, but his hands have stayed permanently red. Throughout his career, Wynn has gathered incriminating information/evidence on various governments and organizations, providing him a bargaining chip to bring him back to his authority if lost and preventing him from being terminated. However, Spawn revealed that he found and destroyed all the evidence Wynn had found, allowing Wynn to be vulnerable to those who want him dead. Spawn then leaves Wynn, seeing him as a "dead man". In the later issues Jim Downing eventually kills Wynn for good. However Wynn would later be revived as Disprutor and later fights al again.


Jason is a tall man with an intense, dark, and menacing features. He has slick black hair and a goatee chinstrap beard that accentuates his malicious appearance. He also always seen wearing a business suit in most of his appearances.


Jason is a ruthless, cruel, cunning, sadistic, but intelligent mastermind. He is a political genius as he sees himself as the most powerful man on the planet through his treacherous and violent nature, also making him an egotist. Wynn will do whatever it takes to increase his personal power, even going as far as to use the child killer Billy Kincaid to go after and kill Amanda Jennings, the daughter of Senator Jennings, who was threatening his position shown in a flashback of issue #5. Wynn is also shown to be excellent on martial arts and weapons expert.

In other media

Spawn: The Movie (1997)

Main article: Jason Wynn (1997 Film)

Jason Wynn played by Martin Sheen.

In the movie, Jason is the central antagonist. He is less powerful than his comic counterpart and is a lot more emotional and hot-tempered. He, along with his right hand Jessica Priest, killed Al Simmons in person, instead of having him killed.

He was portrayed by Martin Sheen.

Todd McFarlane's Spawn: The Animated Series

Main article: Jason Wynn (HBO Series)

Jason Wynn appearance in the Spawn: The Animated Series.

In the animated series, Jason is the main antagonist. He is also the head of the Central Intelligence Agency. He is the mastermind behind the plot that killed Al Simmons in his mortal form.

He was voiced by John Rafter Lee.

To increase his power, Jason exerts influence on Senator Scott McMillan to run for president. In exchange, he protects his son, Billy, a prolific child-killer.

He works closely with Chapel and Tony Twist to form a plan to kill Spawn.

One night, Wynn received an alert that Terry Fitzgerald, one of his best employees, was investigating his illegal arms business. He dispatched Chapel to kill Fitzgerald but received the news that Chapel had been stopped by Spawn. Not giving up, Wynn next dispatched Leon and Merrick to stop Fitzgerald as he closed in on a warehouse. Once again, his lackeys were stopped and Fitzgerald was able to uncover evidence that Wynn was secretly selling weapons to terrorists to deepen his pockets.

Video Games

He appears in the intro of Spawn in the Gameboy color. He does not make an appearance, but was mentioned in Spawn: Armageddon, wherein mission "Desk Job", Spawn goes to Wynn's office to see if he has some connection to the beam that was seen in the intro, only to find that the building is overrun by Demons.


  • Jason Wynn is the second most recurring villain in the spawn series the first being Violator and the third being Malebolgia.


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