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Jasper (ホメロス,Homerosu in Japanese) is the secondary antagonist in Dragon Quest XI. He is known as the cold-blooded strategist of the Kingdom of Heliodor. He is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai in the Japanese version, and Matthew Gravelle in English version.


Early life

Jasper is the childhood friend of Hendrik, they're trained as junior knight by King Carnelian in the Helidor Castle,They vowed that they would protect Heliodor together at this time. Later into their training, Jasper proposed that they would sneak into the King's room at night via a secret passage in the kitchen. However, the king noticed and scolded Hendrik for such actions. (Jasper was running late to the agreed meet time.) At Hendrik's knighting ceremony he reached out for to Hendrik for a handshake. Hendrik ignored him and proceeded to accept his knighthood. Infuriated, Jasper sworn that he will make his friend regret his chioce.

Road to Yggdrasil

Jasper made a pact with Mordegon. By assisting him, he would be promised with might and power since he was jealous of Hendrik, who ignored him and accepted his knighthood during a ceremony held by the king. After the Luminary is locked up by Mordegon, who possessed King Carnelian. Mordegon ordered Jasper to kill everyone in Cobblestone, which was the village where the Luminary came from, but is stopped by Hendrik. Later, Jasper arrived Gondoila and was seen talking to monsters by Mayor's son. Jasper then silenced him by using magic. After the boy sas cured. Jasper and his men captured Erik, who was one of the member of the Luminary's party. He  intended to use Erik to lure the Luminary out, but was defeated by the Luminary. He then summoned a giant squid monster called Tentacular to attack the Luminary, who escaped on the Salty Stallion. However, the giant squid was scared away by Gondoila merchant ships and Jasper told the Luminary angrily that his luck will run out one day. He later went to the Royal Library and released Krystalinda the ice witch and told her to kill Hendrik, but the witch redeemed herself instead. Later, at the Yggdrasil, Jasper attacked the Luminary by surprise and successfully knocked him out while he was ready to claim the Sword of Light. Mordegon then took the Sword of Light and corrupted it into the Sword of Shadow who then destroys Yggdrasil. Mordegon then gave Jasper the Silver Orb and let him became the supreme commander of Spectral Sentails.

Rise of the Lord of Shadows

After the fall of the World Tree, Jasper had taken up residence in the now ruined Helidor Castle. He was found sitting on the throne by the Luminary and Hendrik. Jasper then taunted Hendrik about how easily he was tricked and how he joined forces with the Luminary. He then had a fight with Hendrik and reveals the reason of his actions. After Hendrik beat him back, Jasper retreated and transform himself into his demon form and ordered Tyriant, the first Spectral Sentinel to finish them, however Tyriant was destroyed by the Luminary and Hendrik. Jasper was then not seen again until the Luminary and his allies reached the Fortress of Fear. He then watched Indignus, the penultimate Spectral Sentail fought the Luminary's party, who was also defeated. Jasper thsn created an illusion of Veronica, the deceased member of Luminary's party to ambush them, however the illusion was destroyed by Serena with her lyre.  Hendrik  correctly assume that Jasper was behinded this dirty act. Jasper then confirmed this and transformed into his demon form -Jasper Unbound to fight the party, but he was defeated too. Jasper then made a last attempt to defeat the Luminary by forcing him to fight Mordegon one-on-one, but this plan was also foiled as the party were able to overcome his attack. Jasper then began to fade away and he comfessed that he was just envious of Hendrik, who then replied to Jasper that he thought Jasper is always stronger before Jasper died.

In Search of Lost Time

After the Luminary returns to the time before the destruction of the Yggdrasil, Jasper attempted to ambush him again at the Yggdrasil, but this time the Luminary was able to deflect his attack with the Sword of Shadow, frustrated, Jasper  attacked them, but was defeated this time.  Jasper then made a desperate attack, which the Luminary blocked, but destroying the Sword of Shadow in the process, King Carnelian and Hendrik then enter the Yggdrasil again. As Jasper begged Mordegon to help him, Carnelian killed Jasper before he could reveal that Mordegon is possessing him. 

His role in the Definitive Edition is the same, however, it reveals the reason why Jasper resented Hendrik. After Dundrasil fell, Jasper helped Hendrik escort Carnelian back to safety. However, Hendrik was promoted to general, while the king ignored and ostracised Jasper, causing said resentment, which was Mordegon's plan to mould him into his second in command. When the party returns to Heliodor Castle, a black spirit is near the Yggdrasil Root in the castle garden. The spirit then moves around the castle, and finally goes to the balcony. When told by Hendrik to show himself, Jasper does just that and bemoans his fate. The Luminary and his allies prepare to fight him, but Hendrik vows to face him alone, to which the Hero agrees. Despite a harrowing fight, Hendrik triumphs and Jasper curses his loss once more. Hendrik says the same words he did at the Fortress of Fear, causing Jasper's spirit to calm down and forgive him in return. Jasper then explains that his light did keep Hendrik going, but it blackened in response while his old friend's grew brighter, and he found more kinship with Mordegon and his monster minions; however, he gets corrupted by the darkness in his heart before he knows it. He asks Hendrik if he still considers him to be his friend and comrade, to which he agrees. Jasper, feeling comforted, lays his Platinum sword down and his spirit merges with Hendrik's armour creating the Twin Eagle armour. Hendrik then lays his old friend's knight's emblem onto the sword, finally having gotten closure once more, this time for good.


Jasper is a man with cruel features and a youthful appearance. He has fair skin, small yellow eyes, and chin-length light blond hair with some of the fringe covering the right side of his face and a long ponytail that goes down to his waist. He wears an armour of silver and gold knight's armor over chainmail, white trousers, and a white pair of boots. Attached to his armor is a long white cape with red lining that reaches down to his feet. Emblazoned on the front of his armor's breastplate is a golden two-headed eagle, which is the symbol of Heliodor. When his master conquers all of Erdrea, he wears a black and red outfit that resembles Dhoulmagus's, his skin is darker, eyes become yellowish, his ponytail is tucked into the outfit, and his fingernails are black. When transforming into his Unbound form, he becomes a muscular demon, with his hair completely loose and fur appearing on his arms and legs. 


Jasper is a skilled tactician that is able to defeat an army of monster with just a few soldiers. He is also good at marine battle. Since he is trained to be a kinght in his childhood with Hendrik, he has good swordmanship. Since he has done a pact with Mordegon, he is able to use dark magic. Jasper is shown to be envious towards Hendrik for being more well-liked. When he becomes the Supreme Commander of the Spectral Sentinels, he becomes very arrogant and cold-blooded. 



  • Jasper is said to represent envy and pride, as he was jealous of Hendrik, and he is overconfident in his planning and abilities.
  • Jasper is the 2nd Human in the series to be the underling of a Demon Lord, the 1st being Dhoulmagus. Fittingly, both are humans who are ambitious and wanted more (More fame and glory for Jasper, higher magic for Dhoulmagus), resented someone (Hendrik for Jasper, Rylus for Dhoulmagus), and became a servant of the main villain (Mordegon for Jasper, Rhapthorne for Dhoulmagus).
    • The differences however, is that Jasper was once friends with Hendrik, but grew resentful of him getting more attention, while Dhoulmagus was timid around Rylus, but became angry when Rylus told him he was better off with a dog as an apprentice. Jasper willingly became Mordegon's right hand man and loyally followed him until dying, while Dhoulmagus became one of Rhapthorne's most known henchman by being possessed by him (Although he let him talk as himself when seeing Trode at Mallea Abby and before the fight at the Dark Ruins). Both even have final forms resembling winged demons.
  • Jasper can be considered a dark counterpart to Hendrik-an example of what Hendrik would become if he lets his negative emotions get the better of him:
    • In Japanese, when Jasper block the player's attack, he will say "Muda da (it's useless.)", same with Hendrik.
    • As a General, the way Jasper holds his sword is same as Hendrik.
    • When meeting Hendrik in the ruined Heliodor Castle, he taunts Hendrik about his impatient personality, which is ironic enough, considering Jasper repeatedly failed to capture the Hero and his party, were due his overconfidence. This is showing he wasn't smart as Hendrik, where the latter nearly succeeded to do so, only failed because of various reasons.
    • While Hendrik clam himself as the The Hero'shield,Jasper can be said as Mordegon/The Lord of Shadow's Shield, as he was loyal to Mordegon.


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