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Jasper is a minor antagonist in the second season of the Netflix show You. He works for a mafia and lent a loan to Will Beittleheim and is owed a debt by him.


Jasper is a very jolly and well mannered man. Even after mutiliating Joe he keeps a very friendly demeanor. 

He however shows an aggressive side after Joe reveals he has not got the money Jasper wants from him. He aggressively remarks "you ain't got it?" and takes out a switchblade and attempts to murder Joe.

Jasper seems to not be easy to make concerned as when Joe took him to his storage unit where he was keeping Will Beittleheim trapped in a cage Jasper seems surprised but unafraid. Though he seems to understand that Joe's act is abnormal and immoral as he comments that Joe needs "psychological help".


Will Beittleim received a loan from Jasper of five million dollars. Will failed to repay the debt and so Jasper began to chase after him to force him to repay his debt. 

When he arrives in Los Angeles, where Will lives he encounters Joe Goldberg who has stolen Will's identity and is keeping him trapped in a cage. Believing Joe is Will he asks him for his payment and the latter gives only part of it believing he has given him the whole sum due to Will lying to him. Joe requests that he repay Jasper later that day to which Jasper agrees. Jasper however chops Joe's finger and puts it in a plastic bag. He says that Joe can see a surgeon and get his finger reattatched but he will only give it back when Joe repays the rest of the money.

Joe later takes Jasper to the storage unit he is keeping Will trapped in and reveals that he is not the real Will Beittleheim. Jasper takes out a knife and attempts to kill Joe but he takes out his own knife from beside them and runs Jasper through. Jasper bleeds out and dies.