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Jasyuline (ジ ャ シ ュ ラ イ ン Jashurain) is an alien with 3 faces that can turn his opponent into a gold statue for his collection in Ultraman Mebius.


Ultraman Mebius

Jasyuline is an alien who made himself famous throughout the universe for pushing his opponent into a golden statue as his Trophy. With Ultraman Mebius as his next target, Jasyuline headed for Earth in hopes of adding Ultras to his "Collection". Arriving during the festival in honor of the Father of Ultra, Jasyuline lands on Earth summoning Mebius' appearance, knocking out opposition from GUYS in the process. Ultraman Mebius was quickly on the scene to stop the aliens, but Jasyuline's psychic powers were too much for Mebius to handle. After the Ultra was weak enough, Jasyuline fired his Gol-Jasyura, strengthening the Ultra into a pure gold statue. As Jasyuline celebrates his victory, they notice that Mebius' Color Timer is not coated in gold, so the angry alien manifests his boomerang to successfully force it open after being hammered multiple times.

Suddenly a green ball of energy fell from the sky and knocked Jasyuline out of the broken statue of Mebius. The orb quickly materialized to reveal none other than Father of Ultra. Excited about the thought of owning a statue of the Father of Ultra, Jasyuline went on to battle superior Ultras. However Father of Ultra was better suited to aliens than Mebius and managed to distract the aliens with his cloak, while Father of Ultra managed to free Mebius from his gold layer and repair the damaged Color Timer with Ultra Charge. After freeing himself from the cloak of Father of Ultra, Jasyuline attempts to fire another Gol-Jasyura, but is badly damaged by the blinding flash of Father Ultra's Ultra Array. With Jasyuline weakened, Mebius transformed into the Mebius Burning Brave form and this time was able to match Jasyuline's strength. Frustrated and paralyzed, Jasyuline desperately activates his final attempt to kill the Ultra, as well as the Earth itself, by digging into the planet's core. In the end, Jasyuline was destroyed by Ultraman Mebius' Mebium Burst before he could even go into hiding.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Jasyuline was revived by Ultraman Belial's 100th Monster Army when he was seen as a spirit awakening to the Plasma Spark along with Angross, Sadola, Telesdon, Guesra, and Zetton. He then teamed up with Lunaticks, Cherubim, Birdon, Roberuga II, Alien Valky, Mukadender, Froguros, Gromite, and Angross to take on Ultraman Mebius. He was accidentally killed along with Lunaticks by Belial's Belial Geno Thunder during the final battle.

Ultraman Ginga

in episode 7, he along with several monsters are seen cheering Ginga out when he fought the Dark Galberos.He reappears to fight Antlar. A Spark Doll for her was given to Misuzu by Hotsuma Raido, who obtained it through an unknown means. Jet Black Ultra BrothersIt is possible that Jasyuline returned to space in her original form after Ginga was defeated Lugiel.


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