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Jatemme Manning is one of the two main antagonists of Steve McQueen's Widows. He is the younger brother and enforcer of Jamal Manning, a former crime boss who seeks to move away from the lifestyle by campaigning to become the alderman of his Chicago ward against Jack Mulligan, the son of the incumbent Tom Mulligan.

He was portrayed by Daniel Kaluuya, who also played W'Kabi in Black Panther and Black Death in Kick-Ass 2.


After a heist committed by Harry Rawlings goes awry and results in his apparent death and that of his three accomplices, the Mannings lose a great deal of money in the incident after it all burns up in flames. This soon prompts Jamal to indebt Henry's widow, Veronica.

Despite Jamal's hesitance, Jatemme insists that the criminal lifestyle provides more for the brothers as he takes pleasure in killing for his own gain, no matter what risks it may cause towards his brother's campaign for alderman.

When Veronica and the other robbers' widows concoct a plan to steal $5 million from the Mulligan family, Jamal tasks Jatemme with stopping them and taking the money. Jatemme tortures Veronica' driver, Bash, for information, but Bash refuses to give it to him, so Jatemme kills him. When the widows pull off the heist, Jatemme attacks them and steals their getaway van, and with it the money. The women chase him in another car, causing him to crash, killing him.


  • This is Daniel Kaluuya's second time playing a villain in 2018.
  • Although he is only the enforcer of Jamal Manning, Jatemme is the more dangerous of the two considering his open interest in a life of crime.

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