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Javier Villanueva is a supporting antagonist in the Starz TV series Power. He is the right-hand man of drug kingpin Felipe Lobos.

He is portrayed by Lucas Salvagno.


Little is known about this man other than that he is right hand man and apparently the lover of Lobos. He is also his bodyguard and advisor, who advises him throghout his drug business and accompanies him to his meetings.

Season 1

He first appears when Lobos meets with his distributors Ghost and Tommy Egan about his drug progress in which he annoys Lobos by counting the money in front of everybody. He and Lobos are later working on one of safe houses in which he angers and is abused by his boss for questioning him. Later, while he and Lobos are relaxing at a hotel, they are attacked by a member of the Jimenez cartel, with whom are their rivals and the assasin tries to kill Javier after he tackles her while trying to protect him, but is saved by Lobos when he shoots her.

Season 2

Javier accompanys Lobos to his meeting with Ghost and explains to him how he is disappointed in his distributor after he offered the man a deal. Unfortunately for the man, he is later killed when the FBI raid the hotel that they were staying in while they were meeting up with Tommy.


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