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Javna, also known as Stefan, was a low-level demon who tapped into the black magic power of the evil eye to steal the life force of the youthful, thus giving him a temporary fix of youth. His victims, once drained, were left appearing frail and elderly, but this was reversed once he was banished back to hell by a spell written by the prophet Mohamed called "The Hand of Fatima". In his youthful form, Javna posed as Stefan, a famous photographer who often worked with cars (mainly Porches).

He was portrayed by Michael Phillip.


(Book of Shadows text:) Javna feeds one week out of every year, stealing the life force from the young by invoking the  magical power of The Evil Eye to gain eternal youth.


To Invoke the Hand of Fatima (Power of Three spell) Evil eyes look unto thee, May they soon extinguish be, Bend thy will to the Power of Three, Eye of Earth, evil and accursed.


  • The book mentions Javna tapping into the black magic power of the evil eye to steal life. However, it is later stated that the evil eye is actually a gypsie symbol - evil only to those who wish harm to them. This may mean that Javna has some sort of connection to gypsy magic.
  • Javna's page did not exist in the Book of Shadows until after the episode. Holly read the text from a post-it during the scene, the post-it can be seen when she turns the page.
  • It could be that Javna was highly resistant since it required the Power of Three to vanquish him.
  • The Book of Shadows pictures Javna as a demon with wings. It therefore stands to reason that Javna may have the ability to fly. Perhaps only in his demonic form could these wings be revealed.
  • Javna was listed under the "Level One Demon" category on Prue's list, therefore classifying him as Low-Level.


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