JawsWani (2nd form)

JawsWani is an alligator monster. JawsWani was working with a scientist to perfect a man made organism that eats away at anything it comes to contact with. His partner decides to flee with the hidden case its in. He reluctantly forms an alliance with Kazuya to retrieve the case from the civilian should he unwittingly release the case's contents or let the dormant Artificial Cell X9 activate on its own (and thus instantly consume all living lif in 30 hours. JawsWani proceeds to have changed from the 1st form. He can swim andhe does so and bite with his large jaw. In his new form, he can liquidize his body into Artificial Cell X9 to deteriorate the environment as well as having his body course with massive electricity.  He also can perform an electrical surge when Kazuya manages to freeze him with the Hot/Cold Hand before he causes untold destruction with his new power and finishes him with Super-1's Super Rider Spark Kick. 


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