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I like to swim naked too!
~ Jaws to Chrissie.

Jaws is a great white shark and the titular antagonist of Jaws. He appears as a minor antagonist in the web series How it Should Have Ended.



He first appears in "How Jaws Should Have Ended", where he plays the same role as he does in the film, but in a more comedic fashion. When he swims up the the surface to kill Chrissie, he says that he also enjoys swimming nude before drowning her. However, his fate is different than that of the film, where Quint feeds him a fish with poison inside of it, killing him.

Villain Pub

He is a minor character in the miniseries Villains Pup, only appearing in "The Boss Battle". He resides in the Pub's winecellar, along with various other unknown villains. When Batman attacks and is captured by the Pub's inhabitants, he is to be fed to the shark, much to the latter's delight. However, at the last minute, Doctor Strange rescues Batman.

How Meg Should Have Ended

He makes a cameo appearance.


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