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The Great White Shark, referred to as "Jaws" in the game, is the main antagonist of the 1987 NES game of the same name. The game revolves around building up enough power to kill the shark.


The game starts with the player on an overhead map, as the player moves around he/she will occasionally "hit something" witch triggers a diving sequence. Jaws will appear on the map as a fin that will turn and move towards you. When touched, the screen will say "you've hit Jaws" and will go into a diving sequence, (if you go into a diving sequence with jaws' fin close by, he will appear after a little bit of time) Jaws' only attack is to swim back and forth while moving up and down to match the players elevation.

You will start the level off with a boat that can lob cannonballs left and right for extra damage. If you go to the top of the water, he can't hurt you, but you can't hurt him unless you do a very quick tap down on the D pad. If you encounter him early in the game you will not be able to kill him before escaping the diving sequence because you won't have enough power. occasionally a submarine will appear on the map that can lob cannonballs like the ship that can help hit below you. after gaining enough power and defeating Jaws, the game will go into third person showing the surface with your ship at the bottom center of the screen.

Jaws' fin will move around on the surface in an unpredictable manner. Using strobe lights, jaws will jump out of the water and spin. When Jaws is close and lined up with your ship, use the strobe and stab him with the front of the ship. He sinks to the ocean floor and the game is won.

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