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You gotta splash the cash. Fling the blings. Spill them bills. It don't matter, just splatter the batter!
~ Jay G tricking Montgomery Burns.
Used to be the man Burns, now you just a bad joke. Used to be about to die, now you only dead broke. I gave you the card, Burns and you spent your mind out. It was all a trap, yo as you 'bout to find out. Jay G is CEO of Obsidian! Bioootch! Now your bank account is withering, your bottom lip is quivering, you're Hufflepuff, I'm Slytherin, there's no one doin' your Smitherin'. This is where your money went, evict you from the one percent, now watch me as my fingers tent, 'cause I own you, it is excellent!
~ Jay G singing about Burns going broke

Jeremy Gilroy, better known as his alias "Jay G", is Mr. Burns's billionaire arch-enemy who first appeared in The Simpsons Season 28: The Great Phatsby Volumes I and II. He is overjoyed to meet Burns as his book The Rungs of Ruthlessness inspired to become what he was. Despite being a villain, he cares very much about his company's mascot, Goosius.

He was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.


Jay used to be a member of a musical band called "The Five Boyfriends" alongside Jazzy James, Snoop Dogg, RZA and Common until he stole Jazzy's money and girlfriend. When he stole a bus, he found a copy of the book The Rungs of Ruthlessness by Monty Burns. He referred to the book as his Bible and followed it's tips to become what he was.

The Great Phatsby Vol. I

Burns and Homer find a party at a huge mansion. They ask who the host of the party was and were taken to Jay G. Jay told them to leave but relents upon realizing that Monty Burns is there. He thanks Burns for inspiring him to become what he was. Jay and Burns begin a large friendship. Jay gives Burns one of his company's Obsidian Credit Cards. He and Burns go on a spending spree which ends when Burns ends up broke. Burn's property is sold and he is forced to sign a contract that gives Jay control over Burns' hounds, leaving him with nothing.

The Great Phatsby Vol. II

Burns goes into a state of depression while Homer is forced to go back to work at the power plant, which is now owned by Jay's company, The Golden Goose. Jay bribes Homer with cobbler in order to remove the last trace of Monty's presence. Homer gets an idea to get back Burns' fortune and recruit Bart, Jazzy, Jay's ex-wife, Praline, RZA, Snoop Dogg and Common to write a revenge rap to ruin Jay G. However at the rap's unveiling, Jay reveals that he has bribed his friends with his wealth and destroys the rap's USB. However it's not long before Burns gets a new plan to get back at Jay G: he captures and makes a roast goose out of Goosius. Jay G finds out and is horrified when finds out what Burns has done. Jay breaks down into tears saying "I don't want to live in a world without the mascot of my multinational empire!". Jay finds out that Goosius is alive and an attempt on Gooosius' life results in both Burns and Jay hanging from a chandelier. Jay reveals that he made Burns broke because of a line in The Rungs of Ruthlessness, saying "You will never be truly ruthless until you destroy the one who made you.". The chandelier breaks but the fall is broken when Smithers having been ordered to get fresh lake ice from Canada arrives, the ice having now turned to slush. It is unclear whether or not they remained enemies.


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